“The Two Gentlemen of Verona” By William Shakespeare Review

Sent to court to learn to be “perfect gentlemen,” Valentine and Proteus are derailed by their attraction to Sylvia, the ruler’s daughter. Valentine’s mental denseness does not deter Sylvia from returning his love, but he is caught, and banished, when he tries to elope with her. Proteus’s desire for Sylvia wipes out his former love, leading him into despicable acts that win scorn from Sylvia and wound Julia, who has pursued him disguised as a boy.

This one was the best play by William Shakespeare I’ve read so far. As someone who doesn’t like reading or watching plays I need to say that this play made a huge impression on me. 

The plot of this play is very good and really it was a joy to read this play. The plot here was interesting and it really was a page turner in a way. 

There are 2 or so anti-Semitic references in this play so be warned about it if that triggers you. 

I need to say that this play is very undervalued and overlooked when it comes to plays written by William Shakespeare because this play is much better than people say.

The writing style in this play was okay for the most part but since this play is allegedly the first play William Shakespeare have written I will give him a pass on this one.

I Give Play 4 / 5

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