“To a Skylark” By Percy Bysshe Shelley Review

This poem is an ode to the “blithe” essence of a singing skylark and how human beings are unable to ever reach that same bliss. The poem begins with the speaker spotting a skylark flying above him.

I gotta say that this poem is actually a poem which I truly love. Because it sort of compare birds with humans. 

The plot here was amazing because the beginning is about the bird flying above the author and then the plot goes onto comparing humans to birds.

The writing style here was amazing and super fun to read. I think that the writing style in this poem really added a lot to the poem. And made me like the poem as much as I did. 

And I gotta say that this poem is also kind of unique which I’m giving it points for. 

It has also this old time vibe to it which I’m really a big fan off. And it has some very gothic vibe to it which I also love a lot.

I give this poem 5 / 5

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