“Siege: Trump Under Fire” By Michael Wolff Review

A stunningly fresh narrative that begins just as Trump’s second year as president is getting underway and ends with the delivery of the Mueller report, Siege reveals an administration that is perpetually beleaguered by investigations and a president who is increasingly volatile, erratic, and exposed

So this one is politics / nonfiction books about the presidency of Donald Trump. And I gotta say that it was much better than I’ve expected that it would be.

I give this book extra points for the behind the scenes look at Trump’s second year in the oval office. 

This book really gives a better look at how really Donald Trump is and how a big of a dick he can be. A good example for this can be when the book mentions that Donald Trump wishes he hadn’t given Don Trump Junior his name. Or even when the book mentions that Donald Trump didn’t want to visit his recently born grandchild in the hospital. 

This book overall gives us the felling that Donald Trump is a grim guy with bad behaviour.

When I was getting into this book I was expecting high-level of leaks and some kind of national security drama. But instead the author offers us pure gossip and how fucked up Donald Trump can be. Which makes the fact that Donald Trump never drank alcohol nor taken any drugs even more bizarre. Because let’s be honest Donald Trump seems like he is drunk or high of his mind all the time based on the things he says and does.

However I give this book extra points for bringing us closer to the Muller investigation which I didn’t know so much about but wanted to know more about it. 

Overall this book was an entertaining and interesting read which I didn’t expect it would be.

This book involves juice topics like Rudy Giuliani’s drinking problem, Karen Pence drama and the behind-the-scenes family scuffles and other drama at Fox News.

This book also shows how big of a role Donald Trump’s kids played during his presidency which always is a bad idea to have your family involved when you are the president of a big and important country.

The writing style was actually pretty amazing, it was interesting and it made you feel like you were actually there and watching what was happening during Donald Trump’s second year in the oval office.

I give this book 3 / 5

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