“Loss of Breath” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

A satirical tale, the story is narrated by Mr. Lackobreath who recounts his attempt to find and reclaim his lost breath, which he had literally misplaced. Throughout his journey, he is repeatedly dismembered and disfigured, falsely assumed to be dead, hanged, locked away, and prematurely interred.

This short story is sort of ghoulish and absurd during the entire story. 

This one is sort of a story that throws together experiences to leave you hooked and curious to see how everything plays out.

The writing style is for the most part the best thing about this story.

However the moment I thought that Edgar Allan Poe’s stories and poem cant get any weirder than I come across this short story and I get surprised.

To be honest this story is a nonsensical short story.  And it is sort of an unusual little story.

I give this poem 2 / 5

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