“Eureka: A Prose Poem” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

Adapted from a lecture he had presented, Eureka describes Edgar Allan Poe’s intuitive conception of the nature of the universe with no antecedent scientific work done to reach his conclusions. He also discusses man’s relationship with God, whom he compares to an author.

This one was probably one of Edgar Allan Poe’s longest work. Because this one has over 90 pages but it all depends on what copy you read. 

This book will make you feel like you are attending a physics lecture in 19th century.

The theme of this book is amazing because it explores scientific speculation on human life which people like me appreciate especially when it was written over 100 years ago when the knowledge and tools was a lots of different than we have today. 

However i need to mention that this story have had a lots of parts which didn’t go well with me. 

But there is a chance that this story / book was a romantic attempt to follow intuition into explaining life and universe and everything. But this story also sort of chose to ignore inconvenient scientific discoveries.

However this story gives us some fun and wild suggestions at a Big Bang and other things which made the world to the place we knew back then.

This story have a nice vibe gothic, science curiosity vibe to it, which I personally liked.

I give this story 3 / 5

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