“The Institute” By Stephen King Review

In the middle of the night, in a house on a quiet street in suburban Minneapolis, intruders silently murder Luke Ellis’s parents and load him into a black SUV. The operation takes less than two minutes. Luke will wake up at The Institute, in a room that looks just like his own, except there’s no window. And outside his door are other doors, behind which are other kids with special talents—telekinesis and telepathy—who got to this place the same way Luke did: Kalisha, Nick, George, Iris, and ten-year-old Avery Dixon. They are all in Front Half. Others, Luke learns, graduated to Back Half, “like the roach motel,” Kalisha says. “You check in, but you don’t check out.”

I fucking love this book is so fucking good. I had low expectations for this book which I shouldn’t have had because this book is banger.

This book isn’t the typical Stephen king book because there is no monster chasing the main character around but rather human nature is the monster in this book. The monster in this book is people who will go to great lengths for something they believe which will save their country and the entire world no matter how many people they kill in the process. For me this is more scarier than demon clowns, killer cars and vampires because in the end the true villains are the humans. 

The beginning of this book was very slow and kind of boring in a way because it was so slow and nothing exciting or interesting was happening. But after like 30 or so pages the book gets addicting because you won’t be able to put it down because it gets so interesting. That’s what makes Stephen King one of the greatest authors of all time because he can create so interesting and so addictive plots.

The main characters here feel like real human beings which makes me love this book even more. Even the side characters feel like real human beings. To be honest it all the characters feels like I wouldn’t have a problem being good friends with them if they were real human beings. Every character in this book has something which makes her or him to a unique character on their own and they really stand out from the rest. 

This book gives a huge mental asylum vibe especially the “back room” part of this book which I loved. It has something evil and eerie to it, even thou there are no clowns, scary serial killer or a boogyman running around in this book. It just the evil and fucked up things which humans can do to another human being to get what they want.

The writing style in this book the best thing ever, if you have read some of the most popular Stephen King books then you will know what I’m talking about. Because this book has the typical Stephen king writing style which is like the literature version of ecstasy. Once you start reading this book you won’t be able to stop or put it down is what I meant when I’ve said literature version of ecstasy.

The ending has the huge Stranger Things (Season 1) vibe to it which really made me love the book even more because I love this kind of vibe when it feels like a classic horror story with good plot, amazing characters and so much more to it. The ending don’t have a twist to it or anything, the ending is kind of obvious in this book but I personally didn’t mind this.

I give this book 5 / 5

“11/22/63” By Stephen King Review

Jake Epping is a thirty-five-year-old high school English teacher in Lisbon Falls, Maine, who makes extra money teaching adults in the GED program. He receives an essay from one of the students—a gruesome, harrowing first person story about the night 50 years ago when Harry Dunning’s father came home and killed his mother, his sister, and his brother with a hammer. Harry escaped with a smashed leg, as evidenced by his crooked walk. Not much later, Jake’s friend Al, who runs the local diner, divulges a secret: his storeroom is a portal to 1958. He enlists Jake on an insane—and insanely possible—mission to try to prevent the Kennedy assassination. So begins Jake’s new life as George Amberson and his new world of Elvis and JFK, of big American cars and sock hops, of a troubled loner named Lee Harvey Oswald and a beautiful high school librarian named Sadie Dunhill, who becomes the love of Jake’s life—a life that transgresses all the normal rules of time.

This book was the first Stephen King book I’ve read this year, and it disappointed me because I had very expectations for this book which it didn’t live up to. Which was really sad to see because I’ve heard so many good things about this book. But it was still good, but not as good as I’ve expect it to be.

The ending pissed me off a little bit but it actually earned this book a star. The reason why it posted me off a little but is because Jake Epping got a girlfriend when he time traveled to 1963 and when he came back to the present at the end of the book he had stalked that poor girl like a complete psychopath. 

When it comes to this book as a whole I need to say that I’ve have very mixed feeling about it. On one side I didn’t like this book but on the other side I’ve liked this book.

The writing style here it didn’t feel quite like Stephen King but rather it felt like someone who was pretending to be Stephe King. Which really disappointed me as I was reading this book. 

The plot itself was okay but it had the potential to be much better than it actually was. It was good enough fir it to get 3 stars but nothing more than that. It felt like Stephen King could have done so much better work than what he had actually done in this one.

And 1 / 3 of this book wasn’t even about the assassination of JFK but rather about Jake having two girlfriends at the same time and having a two different life in the early 1960s. Which really didn’t go well with me because I didn’t pick up this book to read about Jake going back in time, get two girlfriends, prevent the assassination of JFK, go back to the present and then stalking one of these two girlfriend from the early 1960s. This book would have been so much better if this 1 / 3 of this book was just edited out because it really killed the mood of this book and it made it so uninteresting and boring. 

I give this book 3 / 5

“From a Buick 8” By Stephen King Review

The state police of Troop D in rural Pennsylvania have kept a secret in Shed B out back of the barracks ever since 1979, when Troopers Ennis Rafferty and Curtis Wilcox answered a call from a gas station just down the road and came back with an abandoned Buick Roadmaster. Curt Wilcox knew old cars, and he knew immediately that this one was…wrong, just wrong. A few hours later, when Rafferty vanished, Wilcox and his fellow troopers knew the car was worse than dangerous — and that it would be better if John Q. Public never found out about it.

Wow this book was such a disappointing because I was expecting more from it because after all Stephen King wrote it. 

The plot here is so boring and so bad that I can’t even describe it. For the entire book I was wishing for it to end. There were many times throughout reading this book were I was thinking about DNF-ing it but after all I didn’t . However the plot itself had some good moments here and there which I need to give this book points for. But there weren’t much of these good moments which was sad to see with Stephen King.

The characters here felt all the same without anything making them different from the rest of the characters in this book. I think that was the first time it happened in a Stephen King book.

The writing style here wasn’t better than the rest of the story which also disappoints me. 

I personally have the Love-Hate relationship with Stephen King’s books and this one is definitely a hate book for me. I didn’t care for it at all which really speaks for itself here. 

I give this book 1 / 5

“Duma Key” By Stephen King Review

A terrible construction site accident takes Edgar Freemantle’s right arm and scrambles his memory and his mind, leaving him with little but rage as he begins the ordeal of rehabilitation. A marriage that produced two lovely daughters suddenly ends, and Edgar begins to wish he hadn’t survived the injuries that could have killed him. He wants out. His psychologist, Dr. Kamen, suggests a “geographic cure,” a new life distant from the Twin Cities and the building business Edgar grew from scratch. And Kamen suggests something else.

So I’ve heard a lots of good things about this book. And since it was written by Stephen King I’ve had high exactions for this book, But this book didn’t live up to my expectations. 

The writing style was pretty okay, it wasn’t really on the level with Stephen King but it was good enough for me. 

The plot itself didn’t really feel like Stephen King, it rather felt like Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son) pretending to be Stephen King. I personally didn’t get the point of this book nor the story in it. Which really disappointed me.

The book in my opinion was also very boring and uninteresting. And I’ve should probably DNF it and not torture myself with this book as I normally do with books I don’t like. 

From the begin this book dragged me in the wrong direction than most people after going through reviews on Goodreads for this book. Which is sort of a relevant thing lately. The bigger rating a book has on Goodreads the higher chance is that I will hate the book. 

I know that this review will be very unpopular but that’s just my opinion and I won’t lie about anything on this website. Because we keep it really here.

I give this book 1 / 5

“One for the Road” By Stephen King Review

The main part of the story is set a couple of years after the events of “Salem’s Lot”.

So this little short story takes place after the event in Salem’s lot which as you might know is one of my least favourite books from Stephen King.

This short story didn’t quit feel like  something written by Stephen King, it rather felt like something written by some who tried to impersonate Stephen King. 

The writing style was kind of okay. It wasn’t good nor bad. But the writing style has nothing much to talk about. 

I give this poem 3 / 5

“Salems Lot” By Stephen King Review

Thousands of miles away from the small township of ‘Salem’s Lot, two terrified people, a man and a boy, still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree-lined streets. They must return to ‘Salem’s Lot for a final confrontation with the unspeakable evil that lives on in the town.

The famous Salems Lot by Stephen King, I finally read it and oh boy was it disappointing ? unfortunately it was. I had high hopes for this book which it didn’t live up to. This one is a Stephen King classic which oh boy I really wished to like but didn’t. Getting into this book I really wanted to love this book but it turned out to be a book which I didn’t care about so much. 

The writing style in this one didn’t feel like quit Stephen King which might have something to do with it being one of his early works. But it didn’t give the horror vibe which almost every Stephen King book does give the reader. 

There were some good moments which really made the chills run down your spine but there were very few of these moments which is again very disappointing at least for me. 

The plot itself is amazing but I really had a hard time with connecting it. I don’t know why because Im a huge fan of horror stories which involves something bad going on in a rural town.

The ending in my opinion was the best thing in this whole book. Need to say that the ending was very fast which is a typical Stephen King thing which happens in every book and story he writes. And which I love. 

However I need to give this book a lots of points for giving us a pictures how vampires should look like and not just some Twilight bull shit. 

This book isn’t so good as many other Stephen King books but it is of course a book which every Stephen King fan MUST read. 

To be fully honest with you, I need to say that this book is my least favourite book right after “Elevation” written by Stephen King (so far).

I give this book 2 / 5

“Flight or Fright: 17 Turbulent Tales” by Stephen King & Bev Vincent Review

Fasten your seatbelts for an anthology of turbulent tales curated by Stephen King and Bev Vincent. This exciting new anthology, perfect for airport or airplane reading, includes an original introduction and story notes for each story by Stephen King, along with brand new stories from Stephen King and Joe Hill.

It’s important to say that this book isn’t fully written by Stephen King, the best way to describe this book would be to say that Stephen King and Bev Vincent have edited this book. This book is a collection of 17 plane horror stories, however you will find in this book one short story written by Stephen King, one short story written by Bev Vincent and one short story written by the son of Stephen King aka Joe Hill. 

So if you are expecting from this book to be the typical Stephen King book you will be disappointed. This book I would say will be better for people who are starting their journey with books / short stories or for people who just want to read a relaxing book which don’t need a lots of brain power and work to it. 

For people who are already having a fear of planes and flying this book will only make their anxiety and fear bigger. But when it comes to people like me who loves to travel by plane will for the most part don’t create any anxiety or fear. It will for the most part give you stories to think about when you’re at the plane, flying somewhere. 

All the stories in this book are more or less different from each other. some stories are about zombies on the plane, some are about monster attacking the plane, some are about murder mysteries and all the way to the unknown demons in the clouds. And if you are a fan of time travel you will also find a story involving time travel in this book. So this book needs to get points for having at least one story for every one. It’s safe to say that each story in this collection are sort of related with other genres and styles, so this book also needs to get points for that as well. 

Each story in this book is some how introduced by Stephen King. And this sort of adds something to the stories and for sure puts another dimension to each of them.

In this book we have 17 different authors so it would be stupid to talk about writing style, because every author have some how different writing style. 

In the end this book is interesting and very fun to read. And for sure it has something which everyone will enjoy which doesn’t happen with a lots of books.

I give this book 2 / 5

“The Woman in the Room” by Stephen King Review

Narrated from the perspective of a man burdened with deep remorse, pain and his inner demons, the story concerns his decision to euthanize his terminally ill mother with painkillers. 

This story is started with a question which is one of the hardest question in the human history. The question of course is about death, and if it is right to help someone die when they ask you to.

This story is sort of a horror story ish which makes you really think if you could do the same thing which the main character have done. 

It’s important to say that this story is pretty normal when it comes to Stephen King’s work. It circles around the question about if it is right to help someone die when they ask you to.

It’s an effectively sad and depressing story which will stay in your head for a while. This story isn’t long, you can read it within an hour or so. Its short but enjoyable and effective 

The ending was something. Its was strange but kind of interesting. But again people will either love it or hate it. Because it is something you wouldn’t have expected, but again it is a Stephen King story.

It’s a pretty realistic story which doesn’t happen a lot when it comes to Stephen King. And it has the ability to really grip you and make you think. 

The writing style is pretty basic. If you are a hardcore Stephen King fan (like me) you will expect more, and you’ll get disappointed because of it

In the end this story is more sad than scary. And pretty much it is a mediocre story.

I give this story 4 / 5

“The Lawnmower Man” by Stephen King Review

One summer, Harold Parkette is in need of a new lawn mowing service. The summer before, a neighbor’s cat was accidentally killed when another neighbor’s dog chased it under the mower. Harold has been putting off hiring new help for the summer, but when he sees an ad for a mowing service he calls. A van reading “Pastoral Greenery” soon pulls up to Parkette’s home. The man working for the service, a hairy, pot-bellied fellow, is shown the overgrown back lawn and is hired. Harold is enjoying a rest as he reads the paper, wondering about the lawnmower man mentioning Circe, when he hears the lawnmower outside. Startled, he races to the back porch and sees the lawnmower running by itself and the naked lawnmower man following it on all fours and eating the grass. The lawnmower seemingly deliberately chases and kills a mole and Harold faints.When the police arrive, they conclude that Parkette was murdered and dismembered by a schizophrenic sex maniac. As they leave, the scent of freshly cut grass hangs strongly in the air.

This short story isn’t scary or creepy. It was nothing but disgusting. Because if you write about a fat naked man on fours eating grass and add to it a green juice running down his chin and drips into his pendulous belly it wont go good with the majority of the readers.

This book will probably not be for the majority of readers. Because it involves some disgusting, which even the die hard fans of saw movies wont handle that good as they think.

The main character which is Harold Parkette is a unique character which may be hard for some readers to reality to because of all these fucked up things he does throughout this book.

I need to give this story some points for the Greek mythologies references which this story has. However most of these references comes without any explanation to the Greek mythologies or what it has to do with the story. 

This story also doesn’t give us a clear explanation to what is happening in this book. Which only confuses the reader for the most part. 

This story is far from the best Stephen King’s work, and it very bizarre and strange story for the most part. And it is very hard to pin it down to only one single opinion or genre. However thats the fun with Stephen King because every time you think that Stephen King couldn’t possibly be more bizarre he gives us even more bizarre story. 

Stephen King gives us a very moody and amazing use of Greek mythology into modern day horror story. 

But that’s the problem with this story because to fully get into this book or like it you must know at least some fact about the Greek mythology.

I give this story 1 / 5

“Suffer The Little Children” by Stephen King Review

Miss Sidley, an experienced, no-nonsense teacher starts to lose her bearings when she suspects one of her students, Robert, is not quite human. In a momentary reflection in her eyeglasses she thinks she may have seen Robert changing into a monster. She soon discovers that not only does Robert change, but he may not be the only one of his kind. Sidley must get rid of them before it’s too late.

This is a short story written by no other than the horror goat himself aka Stephen King. Who doesn’t love a horror story from Stephen King ?

The whole plot is wow. Because if you take the concept of school teachers and school students and write a horror story to it, a lot of insane things can happen. 

This story may make some of you wonder if your teacher from school life you had wanted at some point kill you. At least it make me a little bit wonder about that.

The ending will definitely make your jaw drop. Because it makes this story even more twisted than it already was from the beginning. But for some of you the ending might seem as too much and too fast going. But again it is a personal think which people will disagree on as every other book in the world. 

For the most part this whole story was very dark, strange but also at times very unique because of the topic it touches on. It is important to say that this story involves child murder thoughts, so be warned about this if it might trigger some of you.

This story doesn’t fail like the classic Stephen King we know from the usual books he writes. This tale is a different take on his work. But the writing style here is the classic Stephen King in this one. Which of course means very dark, easy to get into, moody and amazing. 

I give this story 2 / 5