“Dark Tide I: Onslaught” By Michael A. Stackpole Review

Twenty-one years after the destruction of Darth Vader and the Emperor, the Star Wars galaxy has been hit by a threat more deadly than anything that has gone before. In VECTOR PRIME, aliens invaded from outside the galaxy and were routed at great cost to our heroes. Now, in a climate of mistrust – especially of the Jedi – Leia cannot convince the New Republic that the threat may not be over, even as the next wave of alien warships are entering the galaxy.

So this was my first star wars book I’ve ever read. Of course I’ve read some star wars comics here and there but not actually a book. And since im a huge star wars fan who have seen every movie at least 10 times and played most of the star wars games I’ve head expectations for this book. 

At first this book was very good but as the ending was closer and closer it was going farther and farther down the hill. And when the last 5 chapters were around the corner I was questioning if there is a point of reading it to the end.

The writing style was okay, but it was far from the best I’ve seen or read. But still it could have been better. I don’t know if the author is to blame here or the whole editorial team behind the “New Jedi Order” book series.

When it comes to the plot, then at the beginning it was good but after like 150 pages is just ran down the hill which is so fucking sad because it is Star Wars we are talking about right now.

There are couple of things which I didn’t like, of course I won’t give you any spoilers because spoilers aren’t cool. But that thing which made me the most angry was that Han Solo, was only in this book for half page. And later he was just once mentioned which is sad. Because I wanted to see more of Han Solo and not just Leia and Luke.

The ending was a torture to read, it was so boring and so badly done. Both the plot at the end and the writing style at the end were the worst thing you have ever seen in the star wars franchise. Even when you compare it with the new star wars trilogy. 

This book was the biggest disappointing since watching how bad of a character Kylo Ren was in the movie trilogy. 

I give this book 2 / 5

“Hallucination” by Isaac Asimov Review

Hallucination takes place at a time in the future although the exact date or era is not specific. The action takes place on Energy Planet, a rocky earth-like planet orbiting a neutron star in the Milky Way.

It important to say that this story is a classic written by Isaac Asimov. And if you are thinking about starting your journey with Isaac Asimov this story is the place to do so. 

This story was written back in 1985, but it carries the ideas related to the present which a lots of work of Isaac Asimov does.

This story is of course about space travel and it involves all the parts which a science fiction movie / book have now on days. So be warned about that. However it doesn’t fail to ask us the big questions about space travel and being a multi planetary species which we will be one day in the future. 

This story have the perception of reality which it needs to get points for. Because a lots of science fiction books and movies now are far from having this.  And most people like to have stuff explained not just give us the “thats just how it is, accept it”.

This story is in the end a quick and enjoyable read, which most science fiction fans will enjoy. There are some parts in this story which seems a little bit forced but it doesn’t take away the fun from this story.

It’s important to say that this story will not fail with making you think about what might happen when humans will become one day a multi planetary species. 

The ending have a twist to it as we all can expect from a science fiction book. 

I give this story 4 / 5

“Alien” By Alan Dean Foster Review

Based on the screenplay by Dan O’Bannon. The crew of the spaceship Nostromo wake from cryogenic sleep to distress signals from an unknown planet. One is attacked when they investigate a derelict alien craft. Safely on their way back to Sol, none foresee the real horror about to begin.

So another boring science fiction book about aliens killing everyone on board of a space ship. 

I need to say that I’m not a fan og science fiction genre no matter if we are talking about books, movies or video games. The science fiction genre is not something for me.

This book is the first Alien Movie Novelisations, which isn’t that great as the movie itself as you can expect. To be honest here with you the movie wins over this book in every single way you can imagine to look at it.

The writing style is boring and very poorly used. Its also very simplistic and it feels like it was written by a high school students writing this book in a huge rush. 

When it comes to the scary part of this book when the Alien is chasing and killing every human on board the ship. Then you have to know that it wasn’t scary, a kid in the kindergarten would be scared and nobody else pretty much.

The characters were very badly done. The same characters were much better in the movie than they were in this book. 

I give this book 1 / 5

“The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov Review

The last question was asked for the first time, half in jest, on May 21, 2061, at a time when humanity first stepped into the light. The question came about as a result of a five dollar bet over highballs, and it happened this way 

Another amazing Science Fiction book which really will make you think about the future and what path we as humans are on.

For the most part this story talks about the big enigma about human beings and about the technology which is getting better and better everyday.  However it also touches on the accept of us humans being creator and the creation at the same time.

The whole story deals with the development of a computer system called Multivac and its relationship with humanity through the courses of seven historic settings, beginning in 2061. Which sounds really weird if you haven’t read the book or you just are getting into reading it.

In this book we have 6 different scenes. And in each of these 6 scenes we are following different characters who deals with eh same computer system which of course is Multivac. All of these 6 scenes deals with the idea of AI vs humans. 

To be 100 % clear here, this book is a classic science fiction book, which every science fiction fan should read at some point in time. 

The question which is asked in this book is sort of a cosmic question that might not be ever solved which makes this book even more interesting and fun to read. 

However that main question in this book also creates other questions as the story goes on. One of the question which are created from the main question is what will happen when the sun gets burned out? What I’m trying to say is that this book not only asks you the question of AI vs humans but it also asks you a whole bunch of questions which we don’t use so much time on. 

Its important to say that this book is a quick read, and it good when you just want to sit down with cup of tea and a book in the evening and just wonder off into a story which is pretty good.

I give this story 4 / 5

“A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury Review

A hunter named Eckels pays $10,000 to join a hunting party that will travel back 66 million years to the Late Cretaceous period, on a guided safari to kill a Tyrannosaurus rex.

This story is one of the well known classics about why you shouldn’t play around with time travel and all that. It’s one of the best time travel stories out there. 

This story is very well written, the writing style makes you almost feel like you are a part of the story which is in the end the highest level of brilliant writing style in books.

The whole plot of this story is brilliant. The idea of using a time machine to hunt dinosaurs which will die very soon to avoid changes in time is very brilliant. But of course there are some things which goes down hill on one of the “adventures” and it really shows how actually easy it is to change the future.

This book was written back in 1952, so it means that there are some parts which you may find cringe or cliché. But everything is cringe or cliché. after 80 ish years isn’t it?

This book is one of the best Science Fiction stories out there because it involves all the best parts which a Science Fiction story should have. And these parts are Time travel, Dinosaurs and Democracy / Dictatorship.

This story involves Butterfly Effect, Chaos Theory, time paradoxes or whatever you want to call it. I think that every science person will appreciate it because it really makes you think about time travel and how small pieces which gets changed can effect the bigger picture we have today. 

However the ending could have been better than it was. More descriptions would have helped the ending but of course we didn’t have that much descriptions as we should have.

This book needs to get points for being short and a quick read. Which we all love to read every once in a while. 

Possibly the most anthologise science fiction story of all time, but this is up for the debate.  its interest lies in its early exposure of the public of time travel paradox and the butterfly effect which makes this story even more interesting. 

I give this story 4 / 5

“The Gentle Vultures” by Isaac Asimov Review

This Science Fiction Short Story is set during the Cold War, postulating an alien race acting as Circling Vultures. Hurrians, an alien species, have set a small Moon base in secret, and have been waiting for fifteen years, much longer than they ever expected.

This book is a science fiction book which happens during cold war. Pretty unique take on it isn’t it? But in the end this book isn’t even close to the best science fiction books out there. Though it is a good one to read to sort of get a new breeze into the science fiction field. 

This book needs to get points for its unique and deeply fascinating critique of society and a peculiar analysis of our history which we had until this book was written. 

And the whole perspective or rather said view in this book on stuff like how small monkey-like aliens from space let one man and how they can change the entire structure their society is based with one word.

In the end this book is a typical science fiction book about intergalactic species which makes contact with humans and analysis the history of our species. 

The writing style was meh, it wasn’t good or bad. It was between good and bad but much closer tot he bad side than to the good side. 

I give this book 1 / 5

“A Descent into the Maelström” by Edgar Allan Poe Review

It is a tale of fear and terror.  In this piece, the narrator and his guide ascend a high peak on the coast of Norway, which overlooks a section of ocean where a great whirlpool is formed by the changing tide.

The whole story is not particularly creepy as some other tales written by Edgar Allan Poe. However the story is  interesting and vividly written and makes you almost feel like you are actually there and like you are living the story.

The whole plot of this story is a fascinating, because it covers the experience of a man’s near-death experience in a giant maelstrom or whirlpool at sea.

This tale is told from the perspective of an old man who is looking back at his near-death experience. 

The description in this tale is absolutely brilliant. Most of the times the descriptions are so good that you almost feel like you see the whole imagine in your head while you are reading this tale. Because of the description you really see and hear the fellows drawn into the eye of the storm and you feel the rage of the elements.

It is safe to say that this tale have one of the best depiction of a natural phenomenon I’ve at least read so far. 

This tale is considered by some critics to be a science fiction tale based upon an actual maelstrom off the coast of Norway in the Lofoten Islands. 

This tale really shows that Edgar Allan Poe have the huge ability to take all your senses into a story and make you live it. 

However this tale isn’t a horror tale as most tales written by Edgar Allan Poe. This is more or less science fiction tale, and as we all know science fiction isn’t something everyone likes and wants to read. 

This tale will also show you why some people might be afraid of sea and oceans. And if you are not afraid of the sea and oceans it might you give you a little paranoid about it. 

I give this tale 1 / 5

“I Am the Doorway” by Stephen King Review

The story relates a disabled former astronaut’s account of the terrifying change he undergoes after being exposed to an extraterrestrial mutagen, during a space mission to Venus 

Stephen King does a good job at these short stories but as a die hard Stephen King fan I need to say that he does a much better at the longer novels he writes than the short stories. 

Every time Stephen King writes a sci-fi its either hit or miss and nothing in between these two. I personally don’t am a big fan of Sci-fi genre so maybe thats why this story didn’t work with me. But I still think that it was a good read, and it wont hurt to read it. 

The whole story is told in the first-person narration which definitely sets the tone the story much more. And the fact that this story involves a cosmic space entity and reading it from the first-person narration is very interesting. It isn’t that scary as you might think it is but there definitely something eerie to it.

Descriptions in this story are so good that it makes you see the whole picture in your mind or at least it did that for me. 

The whole story wasn’t the greatest short story I’ve read but it was a good one. It is definitely worth reading, because the plot is good, descriptions are good as well as details and most characters. 

There aren’t a lots of characters in this one, but it is good. As we know quality matters not quantity. So the story needs to get points for doing that.

I give this story 3 /5

"Frozen Hell" by John W. Campbell Jr. Review

In 1938, acclaimed science fiction author John W. Campbell published the novella Who Goes There?, about a team of scientists in Antarctica who discover and are terrorized by a monstrous, shape-shifting alien entity. The story would later be adapted into John Carpenter’s iconic movie The Thing (following an earlier film adaptation in 1951). The published novella was actually an abridged version of Campbell’s original story, called Frozen Hell, which had to be shortened for publication.

The copy I at least have a super long first word from the publishers about the author and what he wrote before and after this book came out. So it ended about that my copy was 300 pages long but the story itself was 150 pages. However I give my copy extra point for the fancy the illustrations which are pretty much super fun to look when you are read the story.

This book was was published in 1938 and when we look at this book from the 2020 perspective then we will see that this book isn’t that unique after all. Because because there are a lot of books and series / movies which are very similar in plots to this book. But when we look back at 1938 then this whole idea behind the plot was pretty fresh and not so overused as it is today. So keep that in mind.

This book since it was published in 1938 was more or less a part of the origin stories behind the whole alien concept we see today in movies, books and series.

As you can expect the characters in this book are pretty flat and boring. I personally had very hard time to separating them apart, because many of these characters are so much similar in behavior that it makes it hard to say who is who in this book. It almost feels like that the author didn’t care as much about the characters as he did about the whole plot. If you want me to be honest here I need to say that all character in this book feels like just different version of the same person.

The descriptions about the characters aren’t much better from the characters themselves. What the author does with the descriptions about the characters is pretty much “he have blue jeans on, and she have nice shoes on”.

The decisions which are taken by the character feels like decisions taken by a 2 year olds and not like decisions taken by scientist with hopefully some experience. 

Writing style is actually good. To be honest the writing the style was the best part of the whole book. The writing style was interesting, and it was keeping me interesting. But there are times where it felt like it was written by a 14 year old.

The dialogs in this book were pretty hard to follow up with, it almost felt like the author smoked too much weed before writing the dialogs in this book. Because there were times where the dialogs on the same page felt like the chapters were separating them.

I give this book 2 / 5

“Nightflyers” by George R. R. Martin Book Review

97A nine-member team of Academy scholars from the planet Avalon led by the astrophysicist Karoly d’Branin are searching for the volcryn, an enigmatic alien species with an advanced interstellar travel technology. The main protagonist is Melantha Jhirl, a dark-skinned genetically engineered human who is a head taller than the other scholars. Due to limited funds, d’Branin has hired the services of the Nightflyer, a modified trader owned by captain Royd Eris. The enigmatic Royd keeps to his own sphere of the ship, preferring to correspond with the passengers via hologram. Royd secretly spies on the passengers using computer monitors.

To be honest this book was the first George R.R Martin book I’ve read. Game of thrones books are on my 2021 TBR list, so expect these reviews in a couple of months.

I didn’t knew anything about this book when I was going into it. This book is sort of science fiction type of book. There is a lot of spaceship action. 99% of this book takes place in a spaceship.

The characters here are super flat and it is very difficult to tell them apart. Because they are so similar to each other and none of them have anything unique about them or something which will make you go “yeah thats that person”.  All these characters (expect of two) are so similar in behaviour that you will have very hard time separating them apart.

Writing style in this book are kind of similar to something which a 10-year-old would have written for a school assignment. The whole writing in this book is more or less “this happened and that happened.” For me personally the whole writing style felt lazy and it was almost like George R.R Martin was bored out of his mind when he was writing this book.

The ending is well bad, but still it is the best part of the book. This ending is the same as almost every other science fiction book or movie.

This book would be much better if it was longer and if George R.R Martin would bother to make the characters interesting and make us care about them.

In the end I need to give this book points for the unique idea behind it which we don’t see a lot of in science fiction books or shows.

It is important to say that this book have the potential to have more books written about it. Because it sort of leaves an open ending which means that there can be sequels, etc.

There are some very uncomfortable lines and there is way too much sexism. There are two lines which was used more than 5 times on every single page. These two lines were “I’m an improved model” and “I’m a sex machine”. Don’t think that these two lines were said by multiple characters in this book. These two lines were said by the same character over and over again. Every time that character said something it was involving one of these two lines. For me personally it was a torture.

Plot holes are also a huge part of this book. This book jumps in time like a lot. You will be reading one page and it will be about Day 1 of the adventures and then to begin to read page two and there will be like Day 50 of the adventures.

I promise you that you will have a lot of questions while you will read this book. And most of them will not be answered.

Descriptions feels like they were written by a 10-year-old. The descriptions are pretty much empty words without any deeper meaning.

Action in this book had the potential to be amazing and unique, but again George R.R Martin didn’t bother to give us this. There could be much more action than it actually was and the connection between the characters could have been shown but of course it wasn’t. And the dialogues aren’t much better. For the most part they are boring or cringe.

I give this book 1 / 5