" Jedna na milion" by Katarzyna Pawluś Review

94“No request is too bold, no need is too great. Hope for a miracle is never absurd. Katarzyna Pawluś, experienced by fate, pampered by God, sets a task for us to measure up to our strength. He writes about miracles, making dreams come true and love in a very difficult time, when he is ill and fights for his life. A little humorous, a bit reflective, but always with unwavering faith in man – in his good and wisdom, with the message “You are a miracle!”.

So another biography. which probably shouldn’t exist. Don’t get me wrong I like to read biographies because you can always learn something but this one was just to bad.

This woman have a rare and unexplored illness which doesn’t make her life to a Disney story. But this book more or less fails to show that.

This book is basically a collection of blog posts made into a book. Which is more or less and bad idea.

It is up to you if you want to pay for this book which is basically bunch of blogs posts put together into a book. And by the way, these blog posts which are in this book are available on her blog for free.

This book overall feels like it has no end, because you know who wants to read blog posts for couple of hours.

I give this book 1,5 / 5

"Czarna Madonna" by Remigiusz Mróz Review

98Irish Airlines Boeing 747 was due to land in Tel Aviv at three in the morning. He never made it to the site and contact with the machine was lost somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. There were 520 people on board, including Philip’s fiancée, who was to make a pilgrimage to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. For the first hours, Filip believes that the plane will find itself. There is no indication of an attack, the coast guard does not find the wreckage, and from time to time the air traffic control receives a signal from a transponder. What happened to the Boeing? How is his disappearance related to similar events?

This book is sort of a religious horror if you can name this book as so. It is definitely a horror book which involves a lots of religious artefacts in it. So take that for what you want. It is important to point out that this book at the time of writing this review is only available in polish.

The whole plot was unique and interesting. But if you are not a religious person or you believe in some other religion than Christianity than you will find this book bad or confusing just like I did. Because it involves a lots of artefacts and details from Christianity which for someone who doesn’t know much about this religion will find confusing.

This book have a lot of positive opinions about it. But in the end this book could have been better.

We have two main characters in this book. These two characters are named Filip and Kinga, yeah I know very polish names. But they relationship is confusing a lot. Because Filip was a priest and Kinga is the sister of his fiancé. And they two have sort of a thing between them and the reason why Filip was dating her sister was because he wanted to be close to her. Yeah confusing. And throughout this book, there are points where Filip begins to have the huge monologs in his head about how much he wants to be together with Kinga not her her sister.

We have couple of characters in this book. But all of them expect of Kinga and Filip are boring and flat. It almost feels like the author didn’t care about all the other characters expect of the two main characters. However there are times when Filip feels so damn flat as a character and he the typical priest which basically goes “sorry, cant do that its against the stuff I believe in”. But there also times when he goes from the typical priest to a person who hires a medium and thinks that it will solve everything.

There are times where Filip acts like a complete teenager and most of the time when this happened you can expect that it involves Kinga. And it is important to say that when his wife come back at the end of this book it feels like they two are enemies and not dating and about to get married.

Writing style is pretty much good. The writing makes it easy to get quickly through this book. And the language is easy almost too easy.

Ending is confusing even more. There is a huge twist at the end which took me almost a day to understand. But the ending really isn’t so good as the rest of the book.

The whole idea behind this book is amazing. The idea of Filip being a retired priest and him sort of being possessed by demons together with that twist at the ending is priceless. But there are a lot of things which could have been better with this book.

The beginning is good, and there are times where this book goes down hill but in the end this book is pretty decent.

There are times while reading this book when you will get the feeling that this author was heavily inspired by Stephen King and Dan Brown while reading this book.

The action is that interesting as it could have been if the author had chosen to add more into the book. Because there are only one thing happening at anytime. It would be more interesting if there were more things happening at once.

I give this book 2 / 5