“Invictus” By William Ernest Henley Review

This poem is about courage in the face of death, and holding on to one’s own dignity despite the indignities life places before us.

I gotta admit that this poem is one of very few poems which I really liked and really enjoyed.

This poem was interesting because of the plot which about having the courage when you are facing death. Yes, dead is a very generic plot for poems but this poem had a really unique and very interesting take on this generic plot for poems. 

The writing style was also very good because it felt like something I would think. Which I’m giving this poem a lots points for.

This poem have only four strophes, but these four strophes says much more than that. 

And while reading this poem I’ve for whatever reason read it in Morgan Freeman voice because this poem for whatever reason suited his voice.

I give this poem 5 / 5

“Recuerdo” By Edna St. Vincent Millay Review

Two people have one of those nights that you remember forever – and this poem captures that memory. They travel back and forth on a ferry all night, taking time to grab dinner, lie on a hill and look at the stars, and huddle up by a fire. As they ride the ferry, the sun starts to come up.

To be honest with you here it is a funny little poem. Even though it isn’t the best poem. 

This plot in this poem is pretty bad and not much to talk about here. But again im not a poem person so don’t take my word for it, because I don’t know anything about poems expect oft the fact that I’ve read couple of poems. 

The writing style here was pretty okay here. I would say that the average poem writing style. I didn’t read a lot of poems so I don’t know if that’s good or not.

However it made some good points, so because of that it gets some extra points from me. 

I give this poem 2 / 5

“If Tomorrow Starts Without Me” By David Romano Review

To be fully honest with you this poem is one of the best poems I’ve read so far. 

The writing style here is just amazing, it really proves why so many people in the world loves poems so much as they do.

This poem brings to light some important things which we might not thought about before. 

As you may guess from the title of this poem, this poem is about death and what will happen if tomorrow starts without you or me.

I love the story in this poem, its so incredible that I don’t even have words. 

I give this poem 4 / 5

“The Owl and the Pussycat” By Edward Lear Review

This poem tells the story of the love between the title characters who marry in the land “where the Bong-tree grows”.

This poem takes the cake of being the worst poem about animals I’ve read so far in life. It was super boring, super uninteresting and it didn’t make sense. 

The plot here in this one was like what I’ve said above so it isn’t much to add here. 

The writing style here was so bad that it felt like it was written by a drunk and druged up monk with mental disabilities.

I give this poem 1 / 5

“A Psalm Of Life” By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Review

This poem describes the purpose of life, and how one should handle the sorrow and struggles along the way.

And here we go again talking about another bad poem.

This poem felt kind of weird but it also was super boring and super uninteresting. I had hard time on getting through this poem even thou it was very short. 

My attention was constantly running away from this poem because my attention wasn’t having it and it almost didn’t exist for this poem.

The writing style in this one was also pretty bad. I gotta say that the worst thing about this poem was the writing style. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

“Fear No More the Heat o’ the Sun” By William Shakespeare Review

This poem is a fairly simple song about death taken from the tragedy Cymbeline.

I’m a little bit ashamed of sarong this but this poem was my first read of something written by William Shakespeare. And I gotta be honest here, I wasn’t a fan of this poem. 

This poem feels like something written by a drunk and druged up monk with mental disabilities. And not by the man himself. 

The plot itself was the generic theme for poems which of course is a tragedy of something or someone. 

The writing style here wasn’t the best neither. Which really disappointed me here because it was written by William Shakespeare.

I give this poem 1 / 5

“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” By Dylan Thomas Review

The narrator in this poem offers advice to his or her father about how to face death with dignity, bravery, and defiance.

So yet again another bad poem but this time this poem is more recent then some of the poems with talk about lately. 

I gotta say this poem has the generic plot in it which of course is death and it honestly I think that, that the topic of death is way too overused now in poems which is way they don’t go well with me.

The writing style here was not the best neither. It had some okay moments here and there but nothing to really rise the rating on this one. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

“There Was a Child Went Forth” By Walt Whitman Review

This little poem expresses the author’s identification of his consciousness with all objects and forms, and the list of things which he himself identifies with is large and comprehensive and is a good example of Whitman’s catalogs.

And yet again we are talking about another bad poem. 

However I need to give this poem points for making a good point regarding children. And that point which this poe us making is that children imitate what they see and because of this they become those things which they imitate.

But the rest of this poem is just bad and could have been better if it had focused only on the aspect which I mentioned above. But of course it did do that and here we are with a low rating.

The writing style here in this one was also pretty bad however it had 2 or 3 good moments where the writing style was truly shining but that’s not enough to qualify the writing as good as a whole.

I give this poem 1 / 5

“The Red Wheelbarrow” By William Carlos Williams Review

By declaring that “so much depends upon” the wheelbarrow, then, the poem implies the importance of agriculture and farm laborers. 

If you think that every poem has major meaning behind every line then grab this poem and read it because then you will connived that you were wrong in these believes. What I’m trying to say is that this poem has nothing interesting, exciting, enjoyable or meaningful in it. This poem is a huge killjoy. 

The writing style is very, very poor in this one. And it seems like it was written by a drunk and druged up monk with mental disabilities. 

The plot in this poem isn’t better from the writing style because the plot as well feels like it was thought of by the same monk. Which really speaks for itself here don’t it? 

I give this poem 1 / 5

“The Genius Of The Crowd” By Charles Bukowski Review

So finally we are talking about a poem which I truly enjoyed and liked. 

I gotta say that this one was my first poem by this author and so far I’ve enjoyed his work. 

The writing was good but it had the potential to become better than it actually was.

The story itself was amazing, it totally sucked me into it and I just couldn’t put this poem down. 

It was a super enjoyable read and this poem is awesome. I really wish that all poems could be like this one. I really had a fun time reading this one.

This poem creates some very good points like “those who preach peace do not have peace” and like “those who preach peace do not have love”.

I give this poem 5 / 5