“Music on Christmas Morning” By Anne Brontë Review

Another poem which didn’t work with me.

One of the reason why this poem didn’t work for me is because it deeply involved with Christianity and I’m the biggest atheist you will ever meet. 

And the entire plot of this poem is the most generic plot for poems which you might imagine. The plot of this poem is bad things happening which they do but still it makes it seem like authors of poems aren’t creative enough.

I Give This Poem 1 / 5

“Mad Girl’s Love Song” By Sylvia Plath Review

Another boring prom which didn’t go well with me at all. 

The plot of this poem was super boring and it felt so uninteresting. As you might expect this poem has the hernia poem plot to it which as you might know doesn’t go well with me.

The writing style here was also very poor and the old English don’t fit the story at all. I know that it is a part of the ageing process but still. 

I Give This Poem 1 / 5

“The Soldier” By Rupert Brooke Review

Yet again we are talking about another boring poem which didn’t work at all for me. Maybe poems aren’t for me after all.

The reason why didn’t like this poem is because it has too much superiority and belonging which annoyed me so fucking much. The sense of belonging in this poem was so big that it felt like it was forced down your throat. 

The writing style of this poem was so boring and it almost felt like the author of this poem just didn’t know what to write in it.

I Give This Poem 1 /5 

“My Boy Jack” By Rudyard Kipling Review

Yet again we are talking about a very boring poem with by now I came across dozens of time. 

The plot of this poem was very generic poem which almost every poem talks about. Which really sucks because it makes me believe that poem writers needs to step up their game and write about other things then the generic things like death, suicide and love. 

The writing style here was very boring and it was very uninteresting which really have dragged this entire poem even further down. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

“So You Want to be a Writer” By Charles Bukowski Review

This poem talks about why someone would want to be a writer which for me is a unique take on a plot for a poem because almost every poem I’ve read so far was either about death or love and not about becoming a writer which really supersede me. 

The writing style here was okay for the most part. But in a way I was expecting something more from this poem because it was written by Charles Bukowski.

The plot as I’ve already mentioned was pretty unique when it comes to poems which really surprised me which I’ve also had already said. 

I give this poem 3 / 5

“A Thing of Beauty” By John Keats Review

Another pretty decent poem which we are talking about today. 

To be fully honest here it is a sweet and fun little poem which I think everyone will enjoy. And the way it is written makes it one of the most beautiful poems I’ve read so far. 

The writing style here was amazing and it felt like every word in this poem had a purpose in it. Which I truly love when it happens. 

The plot if this poem was amazing and it reeky made the generic plot if almost every poem into something unique. Which I truly doesn’t mind when it happens in proms. 

I give this poem 3 / 5

“The Solitary Reaper” By William Wordsworth Review

I gotta say this poem is a fucking good poem. Even thou it isn’t a 5 star review it is still one of the best poems I’ve read so far.

It seems like this poem was written with a great imagination but also with a big love for the nature which i totally can relate to.

This poem also has the romantic quality to it which i truly enjoyed even though i can’t stand romance themed books and movies. 

The development in this poem is also one of the best things I’ve seen in poems which really made my day when I read this poem.

I give this poem 4 / 5

“Tell Me the Truth about Love” By W.H. Auden Review

This poems was another decent poem I’ve read so far. However it wasn’t the best but you know I can complain. 

The plot was the generic poem plot which is about love and all that. However this poem had a unique take on it in a way. So of course it got some extra points to add to the rating. 

The writing style here was very good and to sort of felt like the author was telling the poem to me rather than reading written down poem. 

I give this poem 4 / 5

“Somewhere I Have Never Travelled” By E.E. Cummings Review

Gotta say that this fucking poem was super good and I’ve had a super fun time reading this one. 

The plot in this poem was super unique because I didn’t come across a poem with an even close to this one. So of course I’m giving this poem extra points because of the plot.

The writing style her was brilliant and super enjoyable.  

I give this poem 5 / 5

“I Carry Your Heart with Me” By E.E. Cummings Review

I need to say that this poem really surprised me because I didn’t expect it to be so good as it is. 

The plot of this poem is amazing and it really is the gold of all poems. Of course it has the generic poem plot about love but the way E.E. Cummings presented this plot to us makes this plot different in a way. The plot of this poem really has something fresh and unique to add to the generic plot of poems about poems. 

The writing style here was very good, it was much better than I expected from it which really made me love this poem more. 

I gives this poem 5 / 5