“Thinking, Fast and Slow” By Daniel Kahneman Review

In the highly anticipated Thinking, Fast and Slow, Kahneman takes us on a groundbreaking tour of the mind and explains the two systems that drive the way we think. System 1 is fast, intuitive, and emotional; System 2 is slower, more deliberative, and more logical. Kahneman exposes the extraordinary capabilities—and also the faults and biases—of fast thinking, and reveals the pervasive influence of intuitive impressions on our thoughts and behaviour.

This one is definitely a must read book, because there are a lots of things which you will learn about your brain and yourself. And most of these things are things which you probably didn’t think about before.

This book explains also a lots of psychological reasons behind the decisions and action we take even when we dont think about it. Dont worry this book explains this in a very easy and smooth way and everyone will at least understand 50% of this book.

I need to give this book points for being very quick read at least for me. 

By reading this book you can just skip reading books like “Black Swan”, “Blink”, “Nudge” and very likely hundreds of other Behavioural Economics books because this one really covers what most Behavioural Economics books leak to cover. 

If you are interested in psychology or in why human beings behave the way they behave you should read this book. 

I need to be honest and say that this book is pretty lengthy, self-conscious and a challenging read if it is your first book about psychology. But you will gain a lots out of this book when you only give it a try. 

This book gives you a fascinating and very interesting study of the human mind. But also about how people make decisions together with how the decision-making process can be improved.

This book was written by a Nobel-prize-winning economist which can be trusted that he isn’t feeding us bull shit. 

I give this book 4 / 5

“The Wolf of Wall Street” By Jordan Belfort Review

By day he made thousands of dollars a minute. By night he spent it as fast as he could, on drugs, sex, and international globe-trotting. From the binge that sank a 170-foot motor yacht and ran up a $700,000 hotel tab, to the wife and kids waiting at home, and the fast-talking, hard-partying young stockbrokers who called him king and did his bidding, here, in his own inimitable words, is the story of the ill-fated genius they called.

This book has a lots of hatters coming after it which should happen. Because this books isnt half bad as many other books which have been reviewed on this blog.

If you are triggered by drugs, violence or lots of sex maybe dont read this book, because this book has a lots of these things and even more.

Two of the central themes of this book are finance and market manipulation, which make a lots of people pissed off. But the central themes which people also forget about when it comes to this book is how money can ruin people, and how being in charge can go south.

The story is told mostly in dialogue which is pretty much a unique way to do it. And it really gets funny and super interesting at many times throughout the book.

The whole book is about Jordan Belfort and how he was able to manipulated the market to his own advantage. There are many describsions of how some of the money was laundered.

For the most part this whole book is a roller-coaster sort of a ride. Because there are a lots of times where you are like “he will get caught really soon”. But all these times you think so, it doesnt happen.

The lifestyle which Jordan Belfort has in this book makes the whole book more interesting to read. But yes some people will not like the book and his lifestyle will make it worse.

It’s a tale of excess and hedonism. And all these hardcore feminists will hate this book because there are times (a lots of times) where women are treated badly.

The writing style was actually good. It was simple, humorous and descriptive.

One of the best parts about this book is that Jordan are calling his life as “rich and dysfunctional”, which could mean that he knows that the shit he have done wasn’t okay.

This book is about his sturggles with various things like drugs, Feds after him and how to laudry more cash. I personally read a lots of nonfiction books and I found this book refreshing because for once a nonfiction book wasnt about how people got into fame. This book starts when Jordan Belfort first day at Wall Street and in the next chapter it goes forward when he is the boss of Stratton Oakmont, Inc.

However there are times while reading this book where you will feel like you are a drug addict yourself. Because of the way how Jordan Belfort describes things and explain things.

I give this book 4 / 5

“Insane Mode: How Elon Musk’s Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution to End the Age of Oil” by Hamish McKenzie Review

The award-winning Tesla Model 3, a premium mass-market electric car that went on sale in 2018, has reconfigured the popular perception of Tesla and continues to transform the public’s relationship with motor vehicles–much like Ford’s Model T did nearly a century ago. At the same time, company CEO Elon Musk courts controversy and spars with critics through his Twitter account, just as Tesla’s ever-increasing debt teeters on junk bond status.

I personally was pretty sceptic about this book when I first was starting to read it. But I need to admit that i really enjoyed it and I learned a bunch of things from this book. Even though I’m a huge Tesla geek it still had learned me a few things about Tesla and why people and the big car companies like BMW, Audi etc might be very skeptical about fully electrical cars. 

If you are someone who wants to learn about Tesla or electrical cars and the long and hard history to electrical cars take this book and really spend time with it.

Its important to say that this book might not be a page-turner for some people but give it a shot and go into it with an open mind and without thinking that electrical cars are completely bull shit. 

The writing style and the whole format of this book was amazing and incredible well executed. I really wish that more books like this one could have been written like this one.

This books starts with talking about Tesla and Elon Musk. And in general all the ups and downs which both Tesla and Elon Musk had from beginning. And the second part of this book are more about other fully electrical cars companies which Tesla and Elon Musk have inspired or influenced at some point. 

This book needs to get points for going into depth about the fact that an electric car is faster, lighter and cleaner than internal combustion engines.

However don’t get it wrong is not a Tesla or Elon Musk Biography book. Its the story of the electric car, and since Tesla together with Elon Musk and other people involved in the company where the first to actually make it through as survive as a fully electrical company a huge piece of this book is about them.

But I get the point why some people (especially the die hard fans of combustion engines) might think that this book is nothing but a very long article. However give it a shot, and don’t trash this book just because you don’t like electrical cars. 

I’m actually here under a big impression because i wasn’t expecting how good this book would turn out to be in the end. You can really learn a lot of things in this book if you just give it a shot.

I give this book 5 / 5

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne Review

The Secret contains wisdom from modern-day teachers—men and women who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness. By applying the knowledge of The Secret, they bring to light compelling stories of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what many would regard as impossible.

This book is another sort of a mix of nonfiction and self help book which as we all know some people will love and others will hate it. And there is nothing between hate or love when it comes to books like this. 

The whole idea is pretty good. Because it’s for the most part that “good attracts good” and “bad attracts bad” which sort of make sense which a lots of self help book lacks now on days. 

The writing style is bad, for the most part the writing is nothing but “do this and this will happened if you believe”. The writing style will make some people hate this book. Because it almost feels like the author didn’t care about putting good enough effort to this book. And all she did want is to collect pay checks for this book. 

This book could have had the potential to be so much better if the author would just cut out the quotes of other people and but more effort in the writing style. 

The whole book for the most part is just a collection of quotes from doctors, scientist, random people and the rest of humanity. And there is no origin story to “the secret” or something supporting that’s the real thing. All we get is that Albert Einstein believed in it and it’s real. 

There is no background to it and no evidence to it. If you want to believe it, no one on this blog is telling you that you can’t. I’m just saying that some people needs evidence supporting everything. 

I give this book 4 / 5

“The Art Of War” by Sun Tzu Review

This book is military strategy book which is based on Chinese warfare and military thought. Since that time, all levels of military have used the teaching on Sun Tzu to warfare and civilization have adapted these teachings for use in politics, business and everyday life.

Its important to say that for some people this book may be out of their comfort zone because it is a military based book which basically tells us how we should lead a military army in the right way. However this book is good to show us how a good leader should behave. No matter if that person is leading an army, a business or just a group projects at work or school.

It is save to say that this book will more or less help you to master some strategist which are mentioned in this book. But for some people this book might be boring or the stuff which are told in this book will not help you out.

The whole book goes around the idea of “The wise warrior and leader avoids battles and wars”. 

Sometimes books about war tactics or war in general might be harsh, boring, confusing, destruction, death and all sad things that are results of a war. However this one is different, I would recommend this book to people who wants to get into the war genre field. Because this book is unique and gives you new ideas as well as linking it to the war tactics theme. 

This book as well gives us an amazing insights to the war tactics field as well as the insights to the ancient Chinese military.

The writing style is amazing, it really sets the vibe to this book which drowse you in even more into this book. After reading this book, I really wish that more war books could have been writing like this one or even similar to this one.

Of course this book is one of the classics which everyone needs to read in their life time. 

You will learn few things while reading this book. You will also become a somehow better leader after reading this book, or must of you.

I give this book 4 / 5