“Little Deaths” By Emma Flint Review

It’s 1965 in a tight-knit working-class neighborhood in Queens, New York, and Ruth Malone – a single mother who works long hours as a cocktail waitress – wakes to discover her two small children, Frankie Jr. and Cindy, have gone missing. Later that day, Cindy’s body is found in a derelict lot a half mile from her home, strangled. Ten days later, Frankie Jr.’s decomposing body is found. Immediately, all fingers point to Ruth. 

If you been around this website before you would have noticed that I’m a huge fan of Mystery and Thriller books which this book is. But this one didn’t go well with me for whatever reason.

One of my main problems with this book is that the action was too slow. And my second main problem with this book is that the book focuses too much on Ruth being a mistress than Ruth being a mother who’s kids vanished and was later found dead. I picked up this book to read about the mysterious vanishing of someone and not about the main character having drama with her ex husband, going out and party every night  and have sex with different man. Im not into that, let me say that.

I want to sinister vibe, I want the eerie vibe, I want the mystery, I want the investigation but I don’t want to read about the main character having sex with different man and partying while her kids have been murdered and the police doing very bad investigation in the case.

For me the side problems were taking too much space and they were taking our focus onto them and making us sort of look at the murder of two children as a side problem. 

The writing style however was the best part of this book because it really gave the vibe of New York in 1960s. I liked that.

Its important for me to mention this that I’ve DNF-ed this book like 120 pages in because of the points I’ve mentioned above.

I give this point 1 / 5

“Diary of a Murderer: And Other Stories” By Kim Young-ha Review

Diary of a Murderer captivates and provokes in equal measure, exploring what it means to be on the edge—between life and death, good and evil. In the titular novella, a former serial killer suffering from memory loss sets his sights on one final target: his daughter’s boyfriend, who he suspects is also a serial killer. In other stories we witness an affair between two childhood friends that questions the limits of loyalty and love; a family’s disintegration after a baby son is kidnapped and recovered years later; and a wild, erotic ride about pursuing creativity at the expense of everything else.

I gotta admit that this book was the first book I’ve read which as written by a Korean Author. 

There are 4 short stories in this book named “Diary of a murder”, “the origin of life”, “missing child” and the last one is “the writer”. All 4 for these short stories were sort of thriller / mystery stories. But to be fully honest with you guys the only good short story in this book was the first one named “Diary of a murder” and the rest of the stories felt like just a starch to make the book longer. 

The writing style was okay for the most part but there were a lots of times where the writing style could be improved like a lot. And it was clear that these short stories were written by a person who didn’t write a lot of stories before. 

The plots in all these 4 short stories were good enough as when it comes to the book as a whole. But “Diary of a murder” was the best short story in this book because it was very unique because it is a short story about a serial killer how gets dementia. But the rest of the short story just feels like the most generic mystery short stories which you can possible find.

I give this book 2 / 5

“Before She Disappeared” By Lisa Gardner Review

Frankie Elkin is an average middle-aged woman, a recovering alcoholic with more regrets than belongings. But she spends her life doing what no one else will–searching for missing people the world has stopped looking for. When the police have given up, when the public no longer remembers, when the media has never paid attention, Frankie starts looking. A new case brings her to Mattapan, a Boston neighborhood with a rough reputation. She is searching for Angelique Badeau, a Haitian teenager who vanished from her high school months earlier. Resistance from the Boston PD and the victim’s wary family tells Frankie she’s on her own–and she soon learns she’s asking questions someone doesn’t want answered. But Frankie will stop at nothing to discover the truth, even if it means the next person to go missing could be her. 

With this book being read I think that I found my favourite female author and my second favourite author right after Stephen King. And the reasons for this will come below. But before we get into the reasons just know that this book was my last read of 2021 and im just super slow with reviewing it because I wanted my hype to settle a little bit before I’ve got to writing this review because I didn’t want this review to be me yapping for 3 hours about how great this book was. And with that being side lets get into the review.

First of let me start with talking about the main character here which of course is the amazing Frankie Elkin. I love her so much because she felt like a such real and likeable human being. She didn’t feel like a fictional character, she all the time felt like a real human being like you and me. You could feel her struggle, you could feel her obsession with searching for missing people, you could feel what she was going through and you could feel her passion for bringing missing people back home. She was also super relatable which made her even more real to me, if she was a real human being I felt like I would have become good friends with her. The decisions which she made in this book also felt so real, they were or at least felt like very logical choices which not enough authors now on days gives us. 

The side characters in this book are as amazing as Frankie. They also feel like real human beings because they aren’t just bad or good just as in real life people aren’t just good or just bad. There were character who were bad but did good things at times and there were characters who were good who did bad things at times. All side characters were very good but my favourite side character was Frankie’s roommate and Detective Lotham. And I gotta say that Frankie and Detective Lotham were a very good due of deceives even thou Frankie is just a civilian with the passion. 

This book is the definition on how the characters in mystery book should be written as. Because Lisa Gardner made the characters super real and super relatable which makes you care for them and really wish them all the best. Every single character in this book was interesting. Of course some characters were more interesting than others but still everyone in this book were at somer level interesting. 

When it comes to the plot here, I gotta say that its fucking brilliant. Ive read 269 books in 2021 and this one is in the top 3 books of the year. Which really speaks for itself. And in December 2021 I’ve began to be very picky and very harsh for the books I’ve was reading and this one got through it and I’ve gave it 5 stars which really means something here doesn’t it? 

The plot was super interesting and it sucked me into it from the first page. And I just couldn’t stop myself from reading it and if I wasn’t reading it I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about it. And while reading this book I’ve could see everything I was reading I about. The plot was super enjoyable and it was for sure the best mystery book I’ve read for at least 2-3 years. 

The writing style here was fucking good, there is no other words to better describe it. It was so good that it felt like the author was in my head and just knew what word to put next so that I would complete love this book. And which I did. 

By the writing style Lisa Gardner became my second favourite author right after Stephen King. And if the rest of her books are so good as this one then I think that she might beat Stephen King and get first place as you favourite author. 

There were so many layers to this book, there were so many things which you didn’t notice until the very ending were everything got unfolded and revealed. 

The ending itself here was fucking good, and the twist at the end was even better. The ending was truly the ending which we deserved even thou it wasn’t the ending we have hoped for. There are couple of deaths at the end but come on it would be very boring if everyone survived.

I give this book 5 / 5

“Blood from a Stone” By Donna Leon Review

On a cold Venetian night shortly before Christmas, a street vendor is killed in a scuffle in Campo Santo Stefano. The closest witnesses to the event are the American tourists who had been browsing the man’s wares—fake designer handbags—before his death. The dead man had been working as a vu cumpra, one of the many African immigrants peddling goods outside normal shop hours and trading without work permits.

A mystery book which takes place in Italy. Italy of all place, gotta say that Italy is one of my favorite places so far in life. And to read a book which takes place in Italy really made my time even though this book wasn’t the best mystery book I’ve read. 

I didn’t read any other book in this series but I will definitely pick up more books in this series sometime but at the moment my TBR list is too long to add more books. 

The writing style was pretty good but at times it had run a little bit down the hill but for the most part as a whole it was at a decent level. But the author could have done a much better work at the writing style. 

The plot itself was very enjoyable and interesting. I really couldn’t put the book down while reading this book and it doesn’t happen a lot however there were couple of things which didn’t go well with me. And the ending was sort of a stretch for me at least. And the ending is probably the mine reason for the low rating of this book. Because I feel like the ending was the author not knowing how to end this book which really made me sad because I’ve enjoyed this book up until the ending. And at the ending I just got pissed off because it ruined the whole book for me.

The characters here were pretty basic, they were standing out a little bit from each other. But after all they felt like they were the generic characters in every Mystery book. Which disappointed me even more.

I give this book 2 / 5