“Silence” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

This poem portrays how humans can feel about silence; how it both brings people joy and causes them sorrow.

I really had high expectations for this one but it didn’t live up to my exceptions which is sad because I really wanted to like this one.

I either love Edgar Allan Poe’s work or hate and there is nothing in between these two. 

This poem was easy and a quick read but still there were a lots of things missing in this one at least for me.

I didn’t bother even to remember this poem because it was so bad and nothing more than that. It was so boring and uninteresting that I don’t even have words for it.

I give this poem 1 / 5

“An Enigma” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

To find her name, use the first letter of the first line, the second letter of the second line, the third letter of the third line, and so on.

This poem had the potential to get the full score but Edgar Allan Poe didn’t use that potential for whatever reason.

The plot itself was super interesting but it could have been much better if only Edgar Allan Poe had put some more work into this one. 

The writing style was amazing in this one. I shouted Edgar Allan Poe vibe which I truly loved in this one.

I give this poem 5 / 5

“Elizabeth” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

It was written for Edgar Allan Poe’s Baltimore cousin, Elizabeth Rebecca Herring.

I gotta say that it pissed me off because it is full of expiation from Edgar Allan Poe about the topic of why he had written it the way he did.

The writing style in this one was good but quit not on the level with Edgar Allan Poe. Which really disappointed me because I had sort of high expectations for this one. 

This poem doesn’t have neither the Edgar Allan Poe vibe to it because I really missed in this because the plot to this one was really speaking that it was written by Edgar Allan Poe.

I give this poem 2/ 5

“Von Kempelen and His Discovery” By Edgar Allan Poe Review.

It described the discovery by a German chemist, Baron Von Kempelen, of an alchemical process to transform lead into gold. The account concluded by noting that news of the discovery had already caused a two hundred per cent leap in the price of lead in Europe.

So unfortunately this one was another boring and pretty much uninteresting story from Edgar Allan Poe.

I have really mixed feeling on this one. To me it feels like 1 star is not enough but 2 stars is too much for this one. 

The writing style is pretty much enjoyable for the most part but it does have some weak parts. 

To me this story feels like Edgar Allan Poe tries to fool a little but his readers which at least didn’t go so well with me.

For the most part this one was a scientific story about lead being turned to gold. I like the basic idea of this story but it could have been done so much better.

In this one Edgar Allan Poe also shows that he was a little bit of a jokester. Which really surprised me.

I give this novel 1 / 5

“Byron and Miss Chaworth” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

This one is far from the best stories from Edgar Allan Poe. 

However i appreciate the insightful piece on Edgar Allan Poe’s view of Lord Byron’s first love which was awesome.

The writing style was pretty okay but Edgar Allan Poe was able to do much better work than he did in this one.

The plot was for the most part okay but it could much better. The potential to the plot wasn’t fully used as it could be.

I give this book 1 / 5

“Landor’s Cottage” By Edgar Allan Poe Review.

Landor’s Cottage describes an idyllic house that the narrator stumbles upon on a country walk. Poe was inspired in this account by his final home, a farmhouse in New York State (now part of the Bronx) where he took up residence in 1846. The house has become a museum dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe.

So I had some expectations for this story which it didn’t live up to and it makes me sad. Because there are a lots of stories and poems from Edgar Allan Poe which I didn’t give so high rating to and I want give them a high rating but most of them doesn’t seem to me like they are good enough to give them higher rating.

The writing for the most part was the best part of this story but it could have been so much better than it was. 

Gotta say that this one is full of too long descriptions of almost everything which you can find in this story. 

This story is about nature and a quaint cottage that the narrator happens upon. I like the idea behind it but it wasn’t used as it could have been. 

I give this novel 1 / 5

“Mellonta Tauta” By Edgar Allan Poe Review.

The narrator, Pundit, embarks on a balloon trip to outer space in the year of 2848 and writes a letter narrating the details of his journey. The name that Poe gives his narrator suggests that he is a pundit, a knower of sublime truth.

Gotta be honest here with you and say that this one is one of these absurd tales. But I didn’t had fun with it and I for the most part enjoyed it. 

However the writing style wasn’t that great as you could expect from Edgar Allan Poe aka the king og gothic literature. 

When I was reading this tale I just could stop myself from reading this tale in Robert Downey JR voice. It is weird, I know.

For the most part this tale is a dry satirical story. However this tale didn’t interest me so much as I was expecting it would.

For me this tale wasn’t interesting so much and as good as it could be if Edgar Allan Poe did put some extra work into it.

I give this novel 1 / 5

“A Tale of the Ragged Mountains” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

This tale begins with an identified narrator whose story is the loose outer frame for the central tale of Augustus Bedloe, a wealthy young invalid whom the narrator has known “casually” for eighteen years yet who still remains an enigma.

First thing first and that’s why I need to say that I’m giving short story extra points for being mysterious and overall an original story.

The writing style here again was not good enough for Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe was fully able to write better than he did in this one.

The plot was kind of okay, but the potential of this story wasn’t fully used. Of course it was interesting enough to read it. But I wouldn’t reread it. 

The old English really comes to place in this one. And I needed to pull up my dictionary a lots. 

And to be honest here I was confused while reading it and after I’ve read it I was still confused. 

Overall its a little weird short story.

I give this poem 1 / 5

“The Domain of Arnheim” By Edgar Allan Poe Review.

“The Domain of Arnheim” is a tale of a fantastically wealthy man called “Ellison” who desires to express “the true character, the august aims, the supreme majesty and dignity of the poetic sentiment”. He achieves his goal through creating “Arnheim”, a castle and landscape-garden of supreme loveliness.

For the most part this whole tale is about a man named Ellison and about his travel journey which was actually a good idea for a story. But again Edgar Allan Poe did not use the full potential of this story.

The writing style was pretty decent and for the most part the best thing in this whole story. 

This one is pretty much hard to pin down. But it wasn’t that great so that ti could give it even 2 stars. 

Don’t get me wrong I had a little bit of fun while reading this story but it could have been better than it actually was.

I give this novel 1 / 5