“Andromeda Stories, Vol. 3” By Keiko Takemiya + Ryu Mitsuse Review

In this final chapter of the epic outerspace series, King Ithaca and the entire government of the Cosmoralian Empire have been transformed into cyborg minions of a machine army determined to destroy all indigenous biological life. The King’s wife, Queen Lilia, and her son, the rightful Cosmoralian heir, Prince Jimsa, have become refugees in their own dominion, along with a band of resistance fighters, The Murats. The resistance effort is led by a healer known simply as “The Old Man”, who explains that the future of humanity rests in the messianic destiny of their leader incarnate, who will be known unto them by a red dragon-shaped birthmark. Meanwhile. knowledge surfaces that Prince Jimsa’s twin sister, Affle, who bears this birthmark, survived despite being ordered to death at birth by the Cosmoralian Empire because it was believed royal twins would presage doom.

This was my first manga and I gotta say that it didn’t go well with me. But for these manga fans out there I will be returning to manga some day in the future.

The plot here was weak and I suffered reading this comics. It might have something to do with me starting at the end and not at the begining with this series.

The writing in this comics was also pretty weak for me, it might have something to do with the translation but I’m not sure.

The art design here was good for the most part but I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. 

I give this comics 1 / 5

“Booth” By C.C. Colbert + Tanitoc Review

The United States has become violently polarized. Political fanaticism divides an embittered populace. A recently elected President–an energizing symbol of change for some, and a harbinger of the downfall of America for others–stands at the center of the turmoil. It is 1865, and John Wilkes Booth is about to assassinate the President of the United States.

I gotta admit that it was pretty good but it didn’t engage me so that might be the reason behind the low rating. 

One of the major problems with this comic was the art style which made it very difficult to tell characters apart because they looked so damn similar to each other. And this made it very difficult for me to fully follow the story and the plot because I couldn’t really tell the characters apart. 

However I need to give the concept behind his comic points. Because it had a very unique take on the end of the Civil War. 

The characters here also felt very dry if you will. Because they felt like silly comic book characters.

I give this Comics 2 / 5