“Dracula” By Bram Stoker Review

A rich selection of background and source materials is provided in three areas: Contexts includes probable inspirations for Dracula in the earlier works of James Malcolm Rymer and Emily Gerard. Also included are a discussion of Stoker’s working notes for the novel and “Dracula’s Guest,” the original opening chapter to Dracula. Reviews and Reactions reprints five early reviews of the novel. “Dramatic and Film Variations” focuses on theater and film adaptations of Dracula, two indications of the novel’s unwavering appeal. David J. Skal, Gregory A. Waller, and Nina Auerbach offer their varied perspectives. Checklists of both dramatic and film adaptations are included.

I had high expectations for this book because it is a classic and I’ve heard dozens of good feedback and reviews about this book. And I gotta say that this book lived up to my high expectations.

The writing style was amazing. And the old English really helped to set the mood for this book and made the whole plot even better. 

The plot here was just amazing, I felt like a real life story in a way which I love when this happens in horror stories especially with Draculas and other classic monsters like mummies, Frankenstein and the non than the count Dracula himself.

The victorian horror is the thing I love the most in books and TV shows. And the fact that this is a classic made this entire book and plot even better.

This book is a masterpiece which everyone should read at one point. Because many horror books and TV shows have been influenced by masterpieces like this one.

I give this book 5  / 5

“The Invisible Man” By H.G. Wells Review

The story concerns the life and death of a scientist named Griffin who has gone mad. Having learned how to make himself invisible, Griffin begins to use his invisibility for nefarious purposes, including murder.

I had high expectations for this one, and yet again a book didn’t live up to these expectations which is sad.

This book had the potential to be much better than it actually was but it didn’t use that potential which it could have. Which is sad to see. 

The writing style in this book was amazing but it sometimes became too hard to understand which really throw me away sometimes and really took the wind and fun away from it. 

The way the story was told in was just super boring and I really had hard time focusing on this story. Which is sad because if H.G Wells have chosen a little bit different angle from which he should tell the story from, then this book could have killed it and got the full score everywhere. 

What I’m trying to say here is that this book has a very interesting premise but not such interesting execution.

When the main character was explaining how he became invisible make it seem like invisibility is a very easy thing to achieve. 

I give this book 2 / 5

“The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft” By H.P. Lovecraft Review

The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft collects the author’s novel, four novellas, and fifty-three short stories. Written between the years 1917 and 1935, this collection features Lovecraft’s trademark fantastical creatures and supernatural thrills, as well as many horrific and cautionary science-fiction themes, that have influenced some of today’s writers and filmmakers, including Stephen King, Alan Moore, F. Paul Wilson, Guillermo del Toro, and Neil Gaiman.

This one is the second last book I’ve finished in last year (2021). And I’m reviewing this one because I didn’t finish to review all of H.P Lovecraft’s work until week ago. 

This one involves every short story written by the man himself. And with this book being read means that I’ve was able to read everything from Edgar Allan Poe and H.P Lovecraft in a year.

I had so much fun reading this book because every short story had something in it. And every short story has the biggest gothic vibe to it

If I’m gonna have kids in the future then they will be made reading this book no matter what. 

Of course every short story was different from the rest. Some were much better and some were much worse. But this book as a whole was fucking brilliant. 

Reading this book was like seeing the journey of horror, it was like seeing the first steps of the horror we know so well today. 

This book is completely worth the money and the time you will spend on it because this book is full of classics and while reading this book you are seeing the journey of horror.

I give this book 4 / 5

“Frankenstein” By Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Review

Frankenstein tells the story of gifted scientist Victor Frankenstein who succeeds in giving life to a being of his own creation. However, this is not the perfect specimen he imagines that it will be, but rather a hideous creature who is rejected by Victor and mankind in general.

Let me just start this review with saying that this one is a fucking classic and if you are a book reader and lover you just must read this one.

You won’t regret reading this one as long as you are into horror and gothic story which will drag you into the story and wont let you go until you finish the book.

This one have surprised me a lot because I was expecting a super hard book with very difficult old english in it but oh boy it had surprised me. But in fact it is the full opposite of it. The language in this one was super interesting and enjoyable, it was easy and it seemed like a mix between Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. 

This one is just an incredible tale of horror which wouldn’t be written in a better way. 

The writing style of the author is fucking incredible and probably the best I have seen in my reading journey which really speaks for itself when it beats Stephen King and the rest. The writing style is completely beautiful and it really brings a lot into the story.

There were moments in this book which seemed a little bit as a drag but they are survivable.

This one beats most of the modern day horror books which also says a lot about how good this one really is.

However there are people who wont like this one because it has a huge gothic vibe to it and it isn’t scary as you may expect. This one is rather a thriller book than a horror book.

This one is a classic for a reason and you will know why when you read this one. 

This one is so far in the top 10 books Ive read so far in my life and I have read over 350 books.

I give this book 4 / 5

“The Devil’s Advocate” by Andrew Neiderman Review

When Kevin Taylor joins the Manhattan criminal law firm of John Milton and Associates, he’s hit the big time. At last, he and his wife can enjoy the luxuries they’ve so desired. A chauffeur-driven limo, a stunning home in the very building that Mr. Milton himself lives in. Little does Kevin realize that he’s joined a strange brotherhood which goes deeper than he can even imagine at first.

30 years have passed since this book have been first published, but it this book didn’t lose the eerie impression of something being very wrong in a dream situation. 

It’s important to say that this book is very different from the movie with Keanu Reeves. But this doesn’t mean that this book is less interesting, fun and enjoyable to read. However the movie is much better than this book.

This book only covers the basics of what the movie actually covers. This book could have been longer if the author actually bothered to give us meat on the bone than just a raw bone which this book actually is. This book is written in a such way that the reader needs to imagine and explain almost 40 % of what’s happening in the book.

The plot is amazing, but this book leaks explanation, details and descriptions. For the most part this book have descriptions which goes something like “he was dressed in black suit and white shoes” or “the apartment was big with kitchen, bathroom, living room and two bedrooms”. Easily said this book have a lots of poor and sometimes even bad descriptions and details. What Im trying to say here is that this book is very much tell and not show type of book which not a lot of people like.

However this book still have something to it which keeps you reading until the last page especially if you haven’t watched the movie before reading this book. 

The characters itself in this book are pretty basic. And for the most part it is easy to see how is the good guy, how is the crazy guy, and how is the bad guy here. The characters are very flat in this book and they are very one dimensional. Which will soon or later make you tired or annoyed by some characters in this book. 

The dialogues in this one, was oh boy. They were so cringe, clichéd and lame. You can’t even imagine them if you haven’t read this book yet. At the beginning they were somehow good, but as the story continued they just went downhill with the rest of the story in this book.

The author could have go into more details, deep and for the most part put much more work into this story. Because this book doesn’t feel like it was written by someone who became writing back in 1987. 

The whole picture of this book feels very lazy. Because this book have a large potential which was far away from using.

For the most part people who haven’t watched the movie will like / love this book. But when it comes to people who have watched the movie will don’t like it or even hate it. Because the movie is so much better than this book.

This book is a rare case (which almost never) of a movie being 10 times better than the novel the movie being based off. 

I give this book 2 / 5

“Hallucination” by Isaac Asimov Review

Hallucination takes place at a time in the future although the exact date or era is not specific. The action takes place on Energy Planet, a rocky earth-like planet orbiting a neutron star in the Milky Way.

It important to say that this story is a classic written by Isaac Asimov. And if you are thinking about starting your journey with Isaac Asimov this story is the place to do so. 

This story was written back in 1985, but it carries the ideas related to the present which a lots of work of Isaac Asimov does.

This story is of course about space travel and it involves all the parts which a science fiction movie / book have now on days. So be warned about that. However it doesn’t fail to ask us the big questions about space travel and being a multi planetary species which we will be one day in the future. 

This story have the perception of reality which it needs to get points for. Because a lots of science fiction books and movies now are far from having this.  And most people like to have stuff explained not just give us the “thats just how it is, accept it”.

This story is in the end a quick and enjoyable read, which most science fiction fans will enjoy. There are some parts in this story which seems a little bit forced but it doesn’t take away the fun from this story.

It’s important to say that this story will not fail with making you think about what might happen when humans will become one day a multi planetary species. 

The ending have a twist to it as we all can expect from a science fiction book. 

I give this story 4 / 5

“Animal Farm” By George Orwell Review

A farm is taken over by its overworked, mistreated animals. With flaming idealism and stirring slogans, they set out to create a paradise of progress, justice, and equality. Thus the stage is set for one of the most telling satiric fables ever penned –a razor-edged fairy tale for grown-ups that records the evolution from revolution against tyranny to a totalitarianism just as terrible.

This book is one of the classics which everyone should read at some point in their life no matter what.

This book was writen in 1945, or at least published in 1945. This book reflects on events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union. Which means that every chracter in this book represents somehow someone in power during this time. You can look at it as Old Major = Karl Marx, Napoleon = Stalin, Snowball = Trotsky and finally Humans – The czar + the bourgeoise class + the Western countries.

This book sort of have a deeper meaning to it but also it is making fun of these people I’ve mentioned above. Which makes it even more fun and more enjoyable.

In this book the author criticizes the political maneuvers and totalitarian rule, using animals to explain what humans do. But he also beautifully portrays the way a revolution is started to stop what is happening and going full circle comes to the same point it started from.

The writing style is good and it actually blow my mind how good it was. The writing style is so good that it makes you picture in your head everything which is happening.

This novel is one of the best short novels ever written in the English language. This pretty much speaks for itself because there were dozens and dozens short stories written in the English language.

This story is also one of these stories which you cant really hate or dont like. Because no matter who you are and what you like and dont like you will find something in this story which will make you like and maybe love it.

However George Orwell leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination which I personally didnt like that much. Because I feel like authors should at least leave a little piece of their work to the imagination.

I give this story 3 / 5

“The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov Review

The last question was asked for the first time, half in jest, on May 21, 2061, at a time when humanity first stepped into the light. The question came about as a result of a five dollar bet over highballs, and it happened this way 

Another amazing Science Fiction book which really will make you think about the future and what path we as humans are on.

For the most part this story talks about the big enigma about human beings and about the technology which is getting better and better everyday.  However it also touches on the accept of us humans being creator and the creation at the same time.

The whole story deals with the development of a computer system called Multivac and its relationship with humanity through the courses of seven historic settings, beginning in 2061. Which sounds really weird if you haven’t read the book or you just are getting into reading it.

In this book we have 6 different scenes. And in each of these 6 scenes we are following different characters who deals with eh same computer system which of course is Multivac. All of these 6 scenes deals with the idea of AI vs humans. 

To be 100 % clear here, this book is a classic science fiction book, which every science fiction fan should read at some point in time. 

The question which is asked in this book is sort of a cosmic question that might not be ever solved which makes this book even more interesting and fun to read. 

However that main question in this book also creates other questions as the story goes on. One of the question which are created from the main question is what will happen when the sun gets burned out? What I’m trying to say is that this book not only asks you the question of AI vs humans but it also asks you a whole bunch of questions which we don’t use so much time on. 

Its important to say that this book is a quick read, and it good when you just want to sit down with cup of tea and a book in the evening and just wonder off into a story which is pretty good.

I give this story 4 / 5

“The Events at Poroth Farm” by T.E.D. Klein Review

Jeremy, a college lecturer, takes a summer vacation in Gilead, New Jersey, to prepare for a course on Gothic literature he’ll be teaching in the upcoming semester. He rents an outbuilding from Mennonite couple Sarr and Deborah Poroth, and at first his holiday is happy and productive, but then odd things begin to happen.

This story or what you want to call it was published back in 1972 but it feels like a modern horror classic. Almost as if it was written not longer than 20 ish years ago. 

There are some gothic parts involved in this book, which we all love don’t we? 

The narrator spends some of his time on a remote farm which is of course the Poroth’s Farm. On this farm he spends his time to read Gothic classics for his classes at college. And that list which he have made for the books he wants to read is interesting and inspiring. 

This story will give you a sense of menace together as the unraveling of natural turns into a pastoral setting and a nightmare for a young man seeking a peaceful place to study. 

There are couple of signs in this story which are towards aberrancy. Which is in this story wrapped in an interesting way. And the narrators strange behavior and unforeseen actions makes this story even more eery.

However this story have the unnecessary misogynistic comments and undertones to it. And these things doesn’t nothing to the story for the most part. 

I give this story 3 / 5

“The Raven” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

92At midnight, the poem’s speaker hears a tapping on his door. When he opens the window, a raven flies in. … The speaker asks the raven if he’ll ever see his lost lover, Lenore, again, and the raven once again cries, “Nevermore.”

So the famous “Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. This book or whatever you want to call it is really worth reading.

The story behind this story is amazing. More or less this whole poem is a masterpiece and it doesn’t surprise me why Edgar Allan Poe is so fucking huge legend. Because if he rest of his work is just as amazing and unique as this one, then he deserves it.

This whole poem are boring at times, but its fun.

The writing style is very impressive. Its like typical 1800s writing style.  Its very moody and good.

I give this one 4 / 5