Why is reading books important?

Books are everywhere as well as bookstores, book cafes, libraries and people on the internet talking about books. All these things have a deeper meaning in common, and that deeper meaning is that reading books is important. Reading books as almost as important as eating, training or even sleeping.

There’s a reason why there are so many bookstores, book cafes and people on the internet talking about books. The big reason behind it is that people who reads books apricate all these places and they have sort of an obsession especially with bookstores and book cafes which of course people who aren’t fans of books won’t understand.

There’s also a reason behind why people like Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jordan Peterson, and Mark Zuckerberg reads books. And again, the reason is that reading gives us the ultimate ad endless knowledge together with lessons which will keep our minds active. Reading also helps us develop our brain and out thoughts to work better. Books have the power to teach us things and explain things which were super cloudy to us.

Once a book is printed and in stores somewhere the information, the stories and thoughts / lessons will remind the same forever unlike everything else in the world. Books are unlike most things in the world in the field of Cognitive Mental Stimulation and Brain Exercising. Reading books may help you and your mental health in the field of understanding new things and find new ways of thinking which might be more helpful then your previous once. Books have the ability to stimulate your brain and some functions of your brain which not most things can do. This of course leads to sharpen your mind and brain and develop skills like storytelling, learning, critical analysis, thinking in new ways and finding new ways of doing stuff.

By reading books you vocabulary together as knowledge increases. Which makes you smarter and smarter. And how doesn’t want to get smarter in a very cheap way? Most books coasts around 20 – 30 USD and the knowledge which you can get from them might be on the college / university level. I personally think that you will get much mort out of books than colleges / universities, because books don’t force you to anything as teachers do in the form of forcing you to remember dates and details to the exams which you will not use at any point after the exam. The thing with books is that you pick up books YOU WANT to read not BEING FORCED to read / learn something.

Reading books have the ability to decrees the stress and tension in your life which of course is caused by dozen things in your life. Reading books helps you to lower your stress level and as well as being a brilliant form of entrainment and knowledge source which we are coming back to again and again. I know it sounds weird to say that reading lowers your stress level, but give it a shot, read books for a month, and see what will happen. Because the act of focusing on written words and read them can decrees both your stress and anxiety levels as well as sharpen your mind. When we are talking about anxiety its also important to mention that self-help books might help you with dealing with depression and other mental health problems as dysthymia.

Reading books improving memory and focus levels is another thing because people should read books. If you don’t believe me on this one, then go onto the NCU blog and read what they have found out. In general reading comprehension improves your memory function.

Reading also improves skills as writing, creative thinking and finding new ways of doing stuff which I’ve mentioned somewhere above.  The advantages which books give you can help you to be a well-rounded individual. It doesn’t matter if you write things for your work, for fun or something else reading books will help you improving writing skills and bunch of other skills which many people now on days forget about because they are too busy scrolling Instagram or watching what Kardashian are wearing today.

There are also bunch of other reasons why reading books is important, but we would be sitting here for hours if we were going through all of them.