“Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain” By Charles R. Cross Review

Heavier Than Heaven traces Kurt Cobain’s life from his early days in a double-wide trailer outside of Aberdeen, Washington, to his rise to fame, fortune, and the adulation of a generation.

You might not know that but I’m a fan of Nirvana so this book was a must read for me. So when I saw this book at the bookstore I knew that I needed to read this book. 

For the most part it was a decent book, but there was couple of parts which was boring and the book would be much better if these parts were cut short of they were not in the book.

The author does a pretty decent job at putting together Kurt Cobains’ life and his quick rise to fame. So I need to give the author point for that.

The writing style could be much better. I lot couple of biographies and this one is far from them because of the writing style was poor. 

The last chapter was pretty fucked up (excuse my language if you got offended here). I don’t want to spoil anything for people who haven’t read this book yet.

This book feels like Courtney Love approved versions of “actual events” which really made me pretty angry. Because I picked up this book to read about Kurt Cobain and his life and not read Courtney Love’s version of Kurt Cobain.

However this book gives us couple of cool facts about Kurt Cobain and his life which I didn’t know about, so of course I needed to give this books points for that. 

I give this book 2 / 5

“Dark Tide I: Onslaught” By Michael A. Stackpole Review

Twenty-one years after the destruction of Darth Vader and the Emperor, the Star Wars galaxy has been hit by a threat more deadly than anything that has gone before. In VECTOR PRIME, aliens invaded from outside the galaxy and were routed at great cost to our heroes. Now, in a climate of mistrust – especially of the Jedi – Leia cannot convince the New Republic that the threat may not be over, even as the next wave of alien warships are entering the galaxy.

So this was my first star wars book I’ve ever read. Of course I’ve read some star wars comics here and there but not actually a book. And since im a huge star wars fan who have seen every movie at least 10 times and played most of the star wars games I’ve head expectations for this book. 

At first this book was very good but as the ending was closer and closer it was going farther and farther down the hill. And when the last 5 chapters were around the corner I was questioning if there is a point of reading it to the end.

The writing style was okay, but it was far from the best I’ve seen or read. But still it could have been better. I don’t know if the author is to blame here or the whole editorial team behind the “New Jedi Order” book series.

When it comes to the plot, then at the beginning it was good but after like 150 pages is just ran down the hill which is so fucking sad because it is Star Wars we are talking about right now.

There are couple of things which I didn’t like, of course I won’t give you any spoilers because spoilers aren’t cool. But that thing which made me the most angry was that Han Solo, was only in this book for half page. And later he was just once mentioned which is sad. Because I wanted to see more of Han Solo and not just Leia and Luke.

The ending was a torture to read, it was so boring and so badly done. Both the plot at the end and the writing style at the end were the worst thing you have ever seen in the star wars franchise. Even when you compare it with the new star wars trilogy. 

This book was the biggest disappointing since watching how bad of a character Kylo Ren was in the movie trilogy. 

I give this book 2 / 5

“Blood from a Stone” By Donna Leon Review

On a cold Venetian night shortly before Christmas, a street vendor is killed in a scuffle in Campo Santo Stefano. The closest witnesses to the event are the American tourists who had been browsing the man’s wares—fake designer handbags—before his death. The dead man had been working as a vu cumpra, one of the many African immigrants peddling goods outside normal shop hours and trading without work permits.

A mystery book which takes place in Italy. Italy of all place, gotta say that Italy is one of my favorite places so far in life. And to read a book which takes place in Italy really made my time even though this book wasn’t the best mystery book I’ve read. 

I didn’t read any other book in this series but I will definitely pick up more books in this series sometime but at the moment my TBR list is too long to add more books. 

The writing style was pretty good but at times it had run a little bit down the hill but for the most part as a whole it was at a decent level. But the author could have done a much better work at the writing style. 

The plot itself was very enjoyable and interesting. I really couldn’t put the book down while reading this book and it doesn’t happen a lot however there were couple of things which didn’t go well with me. And the ending was sort of a stretch for me at least. And the ending is probably the mine reason for the low rating of this book. Because I feel like the ending was the author not knowing how to end this book which really made me sad because I’ve enjoyed this book up until the ending. And at the ending I just got pissed off because it ruined the whole book for me.

The characters here were pretty basic, they were standing out a little bit from each other. But after all they felt like they were the generic characters in every Mystery book. Which disappointed me even more.

I give this book 2 / 5

“I Am” By John Clare Review

This poem is about a speaker’s struggle with depression, loneliness, and a desire to find peace in Heaven.

I gotta say that this was yet again a poem with a generic plot in it which is about the author suffering from depression. 

This poem had some good moments but for the most part it was weak, and felt like it was one of these poems which are super boring. 

The writing style was okay here but nothing to talk about here.

I give this poem 2 / 5

“Recuerdo” By Edna St. Vincent Millay Review

Two people have one of those nights that you remember forever – and this poem captures that memory. They travel back and forth on a ferry all night, taking time to grab dinner, lie on a hill and look at the stars, and huddle up by a fire. As they ride the ferry, the sun starts to come up.

To be honest with you here it is a funny little poem. Even though it isn’t the best poem. 

This plot in this poem is pretty bad and not much to talk about here. But again im not a poem person so don’t take my word for it, because I don’t know anything about poems expect oft the fact that I’ve read couple of poems. 

The writing style here was pretty okay here. I would say that the average poem writing style. I didn’t read a lot of poems so I don’t know if that’s good or not.

However it made some good points, so because of that it gets some extra points from me. 

I give this poem 2 / 5

“If I Told Him, A Completed Portrait of Picasso” By Gertrude Stein Review

So this one surprised me because it turned out to be a diss poem against Pablo Picasso.

The story in this poem wasn’t that unique but still I found myself enjoying it at times but still it could have been better.

There were times where this poem was really interesting but overall it was boring and I dint care for it. 

The writing style here was super bad which really pissed me off because it really took the wind out of this poem. 

I give this poem 2 / 5

“Dover Beach” By Matthew Arnold Review

The poem expresses a crisis of faith, with the speaker acknowledging the diminished standing of Christianity, which the speaker sees as being unable to withstand the rising tide of scientific discovery.

The plot in this one is kind of controversial here, but I gotta Gove the author points for some of the things he said in this poem. 

This poem makes some very good points about extremism and faith in god or satan depending on what you believe.

The writing style in this one was kind of weak, it felt like this poem was just a draft which got published by a mistake.

To me this poem felt like melancholic and almost nihilistic for whatever reason.

I give this poem 2 / 5

“Musée des Beaux Arts” By W.H. Auden Review

The major theme of this poem is about the nature of human suffering.

This poem was just below okay. It had some good parts here and there parts were not good enough for me to give it a higher rating.

The plot in this poem was the most generic plot which you can find in a plot because it’s about human suffering. 

The writing style here was okay for the most part but sometimes it was taking a dive which really pissed me off because it really killed the mood of this poem even more.

I give this poem 2 / 5

“Elizabeth” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

It was written for Edgar Allan Poe’s Baltimore cousin, Elizabeth Rebecca Herring.

I gotta say that it pissed me off because it is full of expiation from Edgar Allan Poe about the topic of why he had written it the way he did.

The writing style in this one was good but quit not on the level with Edgar Allan Poe. Which really disappointed me because I had sort of high expectations for this one. 

This poem doesn’t have neither the Edgar Allan Poe vibe to it because I really missed in this because the plot to this one was really speaking that it was written by Edgar Allan Poe.

I give this poem 2/ 5

“After Apple-picking” By Robert Frost Review

This poem focuses on someone who’s exhausted after a long day’s work in an apple orchard. Drifting between wakefulness and sleep, the poem’s speaker replays the day’s events while feeling anxious about all the apples left unpicked.

So this one in my opinion was better than the last poem we talked about written by Robert Frost but still I had hard time connecting with this story which again leads to low rating. 

This poem is tricky because you sort of can’t put it in ant specified category. But it’s fun when poems and books are tricky at least in my opinion.

The writing style for the most part was okay but as someone who have read multiple poems by Robert Frost I know that he can do better than this. But still I had fun reading this poem.

As I said above somewhere this poem didn’t speak to me, but still it is worth the read and it will won’t take you longer than 3 minutes to read it.

This poem needs to get some extra points for the symbolism in it. The symbolism in this poem is about the fallen apples being turned into apple cider.

Some of you may find this poem boring because there isn’t a lots of action in it and there isn’t a lots of things happening in this one. But some of you may enjoy it a lot.

I give this poem 2 / 5