“Sonnet 128” By William Shakespeare Review

Here we go again we talking about yet another average sonnet written by no other than William Shakespeare.

In my opinion this sonnet was probably one of the worst sonnets written by William Shakespeare.

The writing style here was probably the best part of this poem because it was really on the level with William Shakespeare

This sonnet has of course the theme of William Shakespeare’s friends doing something and I really start hating these sonnets because the theme is now too much used in my opinion

I Give This Sonnet 1 / 5

I might get a big tax refund

If you are one of these lucky once which may get a big tax refund. Don’t get excited because this can be a sign that you are having too much tax withheld from your pay check and that your are needlessly living on less of your earnings all year.

Doesn’t sound so good right?

However there is a solution. And this solution is that you can use something called “Form W-4” to reduce your withholding easily right away. So you don’t have to wait for Uncle Sam or any other government of your residence to give you your money back at a later time.

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How to minimize capital gains taxes

There are a lots of ways on how to your capital gains tax problem. But today we will talk about couple of these ways because if we would talk about every single one we would be here for hours. And you probably want to get into investing as fast as possible. 

1) Exclude home sales

To be qualified in this first one you must have own your home (house / apartment) and use it as your main residence for at least 2 years in the 5-year length period before you can sell it. 

You also must not have to excluded another home from capital gains in the two-year period before the home sale. 

And if you meet these rules you can fully exclude up to $250,000 in gains from a home sale. And if you are single you can exclude up to $500,000.

2) Rebalance with dividends

In this one the talk is about rather than reinvest dividends in the investment that paid them, consider putting that money into your underperforming investments. 

Normally you rebalance by selling securities that are doing well and put that money into some underperforming stocks, bonds or other securities. However by using dividends to invest in underperforming assets will allow you avoid selling strong performers. And this will lead to you avoiding capital gains that would come from that sale.

3) Hold on

Here whenever possible hold onto assets for longer periods (over a year) so you can qualify for the long-term capital gains tax rate. 

And this is because long.term capital gains tax has a lower rate than  short-term capital gains rate.

4) Carry losses over

Here if your net capital loss are exceeds the limit you can deduct for the year. 

The IRS will allow you to carry the excess into the next year and it will allow you to deducting it on that year’s return.

5) Consider a robo-advisor

In this one considering a robo-advisor which will manage your investments for you automatically might be a good idea for some of you. I personally im not a fan of robo-advisor and its because I prefer to manage my investments myself. But this is up to you, because what works for some may not work for you. 

The Robo-advisors will often employ smart tax strategies. And this includes the tax-loss harvesting in which involves selling losing investments to offset the gains from winners.

6) Use tax-advantaged accounts

And finally plans like 401(k), retirement accounts, 529 college savings accounts and others may help you to grow your investments tax-free or tax-deferred.

This means that you will not need to pay capital gains tax if you sell investments within these accounts. 

Both the roth IRAs and 529s have big tax advantages when it comes to tax-free or tax-deferred. And qualified distributions from those are tax-free. Or to make it very simple you don’t pay any taxes on investment earnings.

With traditional IRAs and 401(k)s you will pay taxes whenever you take distributions from the accounts in retirement.

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What is long-term capital gains tax?

Last week we talked about short-term capital gains tax so now it is time to talk about the long-term capital gains tax.

Basically long-term capital gains tax is the tax you pay after having profits from the sale of your assets. These assets can be everything from real estate, stocks, car, crypto etc. However for it to be long-term capital gains tax it must be held for more than a year. 

For the most part the  long-term capital gains tax is rated at 0%, 15% or even 20%. But this depends pretty much on your filing status and your taxable income. 

However the rate to long-term capital gains tax is lower than rates on the short-term capital gains tax.

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Gifts for upcoming Christmas [Sponsored By New World Order Store] Part 1

As you might know by now, Christmas is 4 weeks away, so it’s basically around the corner. Which means that the journey of buying Christmas gifts is about to begin for some and for some it already have began.

Thats why we will talk about the New World Order Store which I’ve recently started with products from the Nu Skin. New World Order Store is linked to Nu Skin and if you buy any products in my online store then your payment, packing of the product (s) and the shipment to the product (s) is handled by Nu Skin. But let’s get back to the gifts you may want to buy for your family member, friends or coworkers. 

Gift 1) ageLOC Transformation

This package of 4 products, is good for your the more adult people in your life like your mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, your more adult friends and coworkers. 

The products in this package offers the you as a user of this package pretty good and complete skin care as well as this package offers purifies, moisturises, renews, cleanses and it makes the skin look younger and healthier. 

This package offers you both evening and morning skin care rituals. 

This package reduces the appearance of wrinkles, pores and discolouration. 

This package increases hydration, smooth skin, youthful skin structure and skin radiance.

This package have one main negative side to it which is the prise. The prise is around $320 – $350 US dollars but it may be a little bit more or less from country to country. 

Gift 2) Epoch IceDancer

Need a good leg and feet gel ? Then this gel is for you. 

Probably the best part about this gel is that is fast to dry into your skin and its not sticky as some gels like to be.

This gel has also a good mix of Wild Mint, Peppermint Oil, Horse Chestnut andEucalyptus Leaf extract. All of these things gives you a good relaxing and chilling vibe.

The tube and the label to this gel are made from 100% responsibly sourced bioresin and the production of the packaging is produces with 80% less CO2 emissions per tube produced. 

Every purchase of this product donates US$0.25 to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit organisation which is committed to creating a better world and a better tomorrow by improving protecting fragile environments, promoting indigenous cultures and improving human life.

This product was inspired by the Northwest American tribes. Member of these tribes years ago would spend long periods of time in the wild walking or running. And after these exhausting periods of time they would rub the natural Wild Mint on their feet and legs to revitalise and refresh them.

Gift 3) Dividends Shave Cream

Shaving is after us all. With this shaving cream you can fully exfoliate and cleanse your skin.

This cream removes dirt and oil from your skin. As well as it optimises razor glide for a smooth and clean shave that leaves your skin looking and feeling great.

This cream is good for your dad, boyfriend, fiancé, husband,  brother or just a male friend. 

This shaving cream includes dipotassium glycyrrhizate, vitamin E as well as bisabolol.

Gift 4) AgeLOC Tru Face Essence Duet

This product is a dual vial system which is combined with two strong formulas. And these 2 strong formulas are a serum and a cream to contour + tone the skin on the neck and face.

This product also offers anti-ageing properties, but this doesn’t mean that its only for the more adult people. 

This product gives you a smooth skin, moisturisation, visibly firmer skin as well as toned looking skin.

This product mainly targets the sources of visible signs of skin ageing just as wrinkles and more to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of ageing.

Gift 5) AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

This toothpaste gently lightens your teeth. As well as it helps you to prevent cavities. 

This toothpaste have a gentle, vanilla mint formula. And the formula fights the formation of plaque.   

AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste will remove the stains and return your teeth to their natural colour. No matter if your teeth were darkened by various foods, tobacco or drinks.

This toothpaste leaves your mouth and teeth with a long-lasting feeling of smoothness and cleanliness.

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“The Happiest Day, The Happiest Hour” By Edgar Allan Poe Review

This poem is about Edgar Allan Poe following his passion and realizing that it will not be easy. The happiest moment Edgar Allan Poe felt was the moment when his pride and power were at their highest.

This one for the most part is a simple, little poem. Which can be read in 2 minutes or so.

This poem I need to say that it packs a punch of stuff in it which every Edgar Allan Poe fan will enjoy. 

This poem will make you think about various things.

It is sort of a typical love poem with gothic and dark vibe to it. 

I give this poem 2 / 5

Gina Carano Getting Canceled

So the cancel culture come after Gina Carano last month. She got fired from her role as Cara Dune in the The Mandalorian.

The reason why Disney+ canceled Gina Carano is because have conservative political views. She made some tweets about Donald Trump back in 2020 or January 2021. Disney+ got pissed off because of the tweets she made.

On November 14th 2020 she tweeted “democratic government leaders now recommend we wear blindfolds along with masks so we really can’t see what’s going on”. To be fully clear that isn’t something cancellable or even controversial. Something cancellable or controversial would be if she tweeted something offensive about democrats which she didn’t. 

On November 5th 2020 she tweeted about protecting the system and ourselves against voter fraud with things like voter ID, filming counting and fleshing fake votes. That tweet wasn’t neither cancellable or controversial. 

If we look closely onto Lucasfilm we will find out that they said that they wanted to cancel Gina Carano back in November 2020 for these kinds of posts. But these kinds of posts aren’t something cancellable or controversial. This only looks like Lucasfilm had something of vendetta against her being a Trump supporter and her having conservative political views. But again everyone has the rights to vote for however they want and everyone has the rights to have whatever political view as they want. 

I need to agree that some of her posts were edgy but not that edgy to cancel her and fire here from her job in The Mandalorian.

The final straw which made Disney+ and Lucasfilm cancel her was her post on instagram. That post was of a jewish woman running away from nazi soldiers and she wrote “Jews were beaten in streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors even by children. Because history is edited most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews the government first made their own neighbors hare them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

That instagram post wasn’t her making fun of the holocaust. I understand that a lots of people don’t like holocaust comparisons. But this post wasn’t fireable offense or even close to being it. That post was just her saying that political neighbors should treat other neighbors decently because if you don’t treat your political neighbors with decently you can be roped into doing things which are evil and bad. That post wasn’t wrong or offensive or cancellable or controversial. But I agree that she could have use other comparisons than the holocaust comparisons.

Another point here is that if holocaust comparisons are bad than hundreds of other celebrities should be canceled as well. One example to this would be another star from The Mandalorian, no other than Pedro Pascal. 

Pedro Pascal is a leftist on politics and he has also expressed support for transgender people. All this makes him very popular and all that. But he had tweeted on June 20th 2018 “#thisisamerica” together with a two pictures. The picture on the top was of Germany in 1944 with a bunch of Jewish children standing behind barbed wire in a concentration camp. And the picture below that was of a modern day picture of bunch of kids in cages. The problem with that is that he forgot that USA are housing and making sure those kids (from the second picture) are okay. USA today isn’t gassing anyone to death as nazi soldiers did in 1944. These kids by the way from the second picture were kept separate from their parents in accordance with the the Flores settlement by the way so my question here is how is it as the holocaust ?  

So if Gina Carano is getting canceled for her holocaust comparison than Pedro Pascal should too. I personally think that Pedro Pascal’s tweet was more edgier than Gina Carano’s tweet was.

When Disney+ decided to fire and cancel Gina Carano for her holocaust comparison than they should also fire and cancel Pedro Pascal for his holocaust comparison from 2018. However that’s the clue in this one. Pedro Pascal is on the left side of politics but Gina Carano is on the right side. But still everyone should be treated equally from these big companies. 

This is very indicative of where we are in the culture and it isn’t great. Sure I get that social movements have consequences but you can’t expel half of the population just because that they are on the right side of the politics. 

By the way who got ever denigrated based on cultural and religious identity ? Yes Gina Carano made tweets about being republican today is like being Jews in WW2 time. But how is that denigrating ? Is saying that you shouldn’t treating people the way Nazi soldiers treated jews somehow denigrating Jews in some way or another? In that Instagram post she said that what happen to Jews during WW2 is bad. 

What is cancel culture?

Cancel culture is basically easily explained is the culture of people wanting your ass getting fired because they don’t like your social media posts or because they don’t agree with your opinions you write on social media.

The cancel culture shouldn’t exists because everyone is allowed to have their own opinions on everything but cancel culture is real no matter how much some people want to convince you that it aren’t. 

There are millions and millions of people in the entire world who are afraid to put anything on their social media because they are afraid of getting canceled. Thats the sad reality we all live in, and it will take a lot to even change the cancel culture even a little bit. 

Sometimes the cancel culture comes for people who wrote posts which aren’t extraordinary horrific sometimes these post are a little bit edgy and nothing more than this. And sometimes there will be people who write something similar to each other but only one of them will get canceled because of their political views which is totally unfair. And the one to blame for this is the infamous “Iron triangle”.

The iron triangle is the relationship between democratic party, media and corporations.

The whole iron triangle goes something like democrats and media agreeing on virtually everything. Media push the agenda which democrats make. Media and democrats put pressure on large corporations (like Hollywood or the music industry) to do their biddings to foster that agenda all this of course unofficially. This makes corporations put down a specific viewpoint on you and then cancel you if you don’t follow that specific viewpoint.

We have the free speech right to say what we want, but if our opinions are something different than the specific viewpoint which democrats and media puts out then we will most likely get canceled and loss our jobs. This means that if you’re opinions and viewpoints are different from what democrats have you will either get canceled if you speak them or don’t speak them. Which is of course the abuse of the free speech right which every one of us have. 

It’s fucked up, but that’s what democrats are doing for years now. But that’s what happens if a specific group of people have too much power for too long. 

Why is reading books important?

Books are everywhere as well as bookstores, book cafes, libraries and people on the internet talking about books. All these things have a deeper meaning in common, and that deeper meaning is that reading books is important. Reading books as almost as important as eating, training or even sleeping.

There’s a reason why there are so many bookstores, book cafes and people on the internet talking about books. The big reason behind it is that people who reads books apricate all these places and they have sort of an obsession especially with bookstores and book cafes which of course people who aren’t fans of books won’t understand.

There’s also a reason behind why people like Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Jordan Peterson, and Mark Zuckerberg reads books. And again, the reason is that reading gives us the ultimate ad endless knowledge together with lessons which will keep our minds active. Reading also helps us develop our brain and out thoughts to work better. Books have the power to teach us things and explain things which were super cloudy to us.

Once a book is printed and in stores somewhere the information, the stories and thoughts / lessons will remind the same forever unlike everything else in the world. Books are unlike most things in the world in the field of Cognitive Mental Stimulation and Brain Exercising. Reading books may help you and your mental health in the field of understanding new things and find new ways of thinking which might be more helpful then your previous once. Books have the ability to stimulate your brain and some functions of your brain which not most things can do. This of course leads to sharpen your mind and brain and develop skills like storytelling, learning, critical analysis, thinking in new ways and finding new ways of doing stuff.

By reading books you vocabulary together as knowledge increases. Which makes you smarter and smarter. And how doesn’t want to get smarter in a very cheap way? Most books coasts around 20 – 30 USD and the knowledge which you can get from them might be on the college / university level. I personally think that you will get much mort out of books than colleges / universities, because books don’t force you to anything as teachers do in the form of forcing you to remember dates and details to the exams which you will not use at any point after the exam. The thing with books is that you pick up books YOU WANT to read not BEING FORCED to read / learn something.

Reading books have the ability to decrees the stress and tension in your life which of course is caused by dozen things in your life. Reading books helps you to lower your stress level and as well as being a brilliant form of entrainment and knowledge source which we are coming back to again and again. I know it sounds weird to say that reading lowers your stress level, but give it a shot, read books for a month, and see what will happen. Because the act of focusing on written words and read them can decrees both your stress and anxiety levels as well as sharpen your mind. When we are talking about anxiety its also important to mention that self-help books might help you with dealing with depression and other mental health problems as dysthymia.

Reading books improving memory and focus levels is another thing because people should read books. If you don’t believe me on this one, then go onto the NCU blog and read what they have found out. In general reading comprehension improves your memory function.

Reading also improves skills as writing, creative thinking and finding new ways of doing stuff which I’ve mentioned somewhere above.  The advantages which books give you can help you to be a well-rounded individual. It doesn’t matter if you write things for your work, for fun or something else reading books will help you improving writing skills and bunch of other skills which many people now on days forget about because they are too busy scrolling Instagram or watching what Kardashian are wearing today.

There are also bunch of other reasons why reading books is important, but we would be sitting here for hours if we were going through all of them.