“The One Plus One” By Jojo Moyes Review

One single mum. With two jobs and two children, Jess Thomas does her best day after day. But it’s hard on your own. And sometimes you take risks you shouldn’t. Because you have to. One chaotic family Jess’s gifted, quirky daughter Tanzie is brilliant with numbers, but without a helping hand she’ll never get the chance to shine. And Nicky, Jess’s teenage stepson, can’t fight the bullies alone.

I gotta admit that I ended up DNF-ing this book because I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t finish it. 

This book is very, very slow in action . This book takes ages for even the smallest action to happen. Of course there were something happening here and there like the son being beaten up, the daughter getting into a school for gifted kids but the running theme was “we are poor so we can’t do anything”. It was so insufferable, and the mother in this book was like “oh, my husband left us but I can’t move on and I need to wait for him to come and help us because we are poor.” I hate people like this even fictional characters because life doesn’t stop when someone leaves you.

The characters in this book are so boring and unrelatable as it possible can be. You can pretty much summaries all of the characters with a single word. And all the characters in this book seems to not have a brain and not be able to make good decisions. The mother doesn’t have a licenses but still takes the kids for a road trip to Scotland like there won’t be any police on the roads or any other people on the roads. The guy which she falls in love with is a dick who is like “I want that girl to be gone so I’m gonna sabotage my own company and put myself into a federal investigations”. Every character in this book makes worse decisions than a 6 year old. 

The plot here is pretty good, and it is the only good thing with this book. But the way the plot was presented to us is just the worst possible story telling. Even a high school student could have written this book better. The plot would be so much better if the author didn’t make it so god damn slow and boring. The author chooses to focus this book on everything else than the main topic in this book which really pissed me off. I need to admit that the plot was very predictable and super unbelievable because of the characters and the way it was written. 

I was so disappointed with this book because a lots of people on the internet talks about this book like it is the best thing ever but its the opposite of it. And I really needed to force myself to read this book and when I came to page 320 I just couldn’t do it anymore.  

The whole story lacks everything like depth, excitement, color and pretty much any sense of real life. And the whole story is so depressing because of the main character who is the mother who is trying to make the ends meet but don’t do anything about it and instead so keeps working in the same trashy jobs which gives her very little money. 

The writing style is the worst writing I’ve seen so far. The writing goes on forever on things which aren’t mentioned on the next page, it’s like the story forgets about had happened in the previous chapter and on the previous page. 

I give this book 1 / 5

“Howl” By Allen Ginsberg Review

Another poem which didn’t go well with me. I really consider stop reading poems because 95% of poems Ive read so far didn’t go well with me. 

The plot here wasn’t great and I just couldn’t connect with me. It could be interesting if it was a short story rather than a poem.

The writing style here wasn’t the best I’ve seen in a poem. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

“Why We Want You To Be Rich: Two Men, One Message” By Donald J. Trump And Robert T. Kiyosaki Review

The world is facing many challenges and one of them is financial. The entitlement mentality is epidemic, creating people who expect their countries, employers, or families to take care of them. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, both successful businessmen, are natural teachers and have joined forces to address these challenges. They believe you cannot solve money problems with money. You can only solve money problems with financial education. Trump and Kiyosaki want to teach you to be rich.

I gotta say that this book disappointed me because I’ve had high expectations for this one.  Ive read Robert T. Kiyosaki’s books in the past and I’ve read  Donald J. Trump’s books in the past and I’ve liked theirs books so that’s why I’ve had high expectations for this one which it didn’t live up to.

To be honest here this book repeats the same things which are mentioned in “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki and “Trump: The Art of the Deal” By Donald J. Trump. This book just felt like an extended version of these two books put together without adding anything new.

This book also repeats the same things over and over again. And it seems like Robert T. Kiyosaki is trying to flex his accomplishments in this book by constantly saying how many copies of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” he had sold, that he created board game and that he got to work and meet Donald J Trump. These two things really annoyed me a lot.

The writing style here was the best thing in this book because it is interesting and enjoyable. The writing style to Robert T. Kiyosaki really shows that he is an amazing story teller if nothing more. But when it comes to the writing style to Donald J Trump then all he really did in this book was to agree with what Robert T. Kiyosaki have written in the book without actually adding anything useful expect of the fact that he was bragging about how dope his life is.

However this book will be amazing for you, if you haven’t read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki and “Trump: The Art of the Deal” By Donald J. Trump before. 

I give this book 2 / 5

“The Invisible Man” By H.G. Wells Review

The story concerns the life and death of a scientist named Griffin who has gone mad. Having learned how to make himself invisible, Griffin begins to use his invisibility for nefarious purposes, including murder.

I had high expectations for this one, and yet again a book didn’t live up to these expectations which is sad.

This book had the potential to be much better than it actually was but it didn’t use that potential which it could have. Which is sad to see. 

The writing style in this book was amazing but it sometimes became too hard to understand which really throw me away sometimes and really took the wind and fun away from it. 

The way the story was told in was just super boring and I really had hard time focusing on this story. Which is sad because if H.G Wells have chosen a little bit different angle from which he should tell the story from, then this book could have killed it and got the full score everywhere. 

What I’m trying to say here is that this book has a very interesting premise but not such interesting execution.

When the main character was explaining how he became invisible make it seem like invisibility is a very easy thing to achieve. 

I give this book 2 / 5

“Casabianca” By Felicia Hemans Review

Yet again another poem which I didn’t enjoy. The more poems I read the more I start to think that poems aren’t for me. 

The plot here was decent for the most part but it didn’t connect with me and if a plot doesn’t connect with me then the rating will be low.

The writing style here wasn’t the best because of the old British in this poem. Which for me is the hardest thing to understand even thou I speak English. 

I give this poem 1 / 5

“Little Deaths” By Emma Flint Review

It’s 1965 in a tight-knit working-class neighborhood in Queens, New York, and Ruth Malone – a single mother who works long hours as a cocktail waitress – wakes to discover her two small children, Frankie Jr. and Cindy, have gone missing. Later that day, Cindy’s body is found in a derelict lot a half mile from her home, strangled. Ten days later, Frankie Jr.’s decomposing body is found. Immediately, all fingers point to Ruth. 

If you been around this website before you would have noticed that I’m a huge fan of Mystery and Thriller books which this book is. But this one didn’t go well with me for whatever reason.

One of my main problems with this book is that the action was too slow. And my second main problem with this book is that the book focuses too much on Ruth being a mistress than Ruth being a mother who’s kids vanished and was later found dead. I picked up this book to read about the mysterious vanishing of someone and not about the main character having drama with her ex husband, going out and party every night  and have sex with different man. Im not into that, let me say that.

I want to sinister vibe, I want the eerie vibe, I want the mystery, I want the investigation but I don’t want to read about the main character having sex with different man and partying while her kids have been murdered and the police doing very bad investigation in the case.

For me the side problems were taking too much space and they were taking our focus onto them and making us sort of look at the murder of two children as a side problem. 

The writing style however was the best part of this book because it really gave the vibe of New York in 1960s. I liked that.

Its important for me to mention this that I’ve DNF-ed this book like 120 pages in because of the points I’ve mentioned above.

I give this point 1 / 5

“As Kingfishers Catch Fire” By Gerard Manley Hopkins Review

As Kingfishers Catch Fire is a selection of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ incomparably brilliant poetry, ranging from the ecstasy of ‘The Windhover’ and ‘Pied Beauty’ to the heart-wrenching despair of the ‘sonnets of desolation’. 

Another poem which didn’t go well with me. After reading a decent amount of poems I think that poems aren’t for me.

The plot here was not great because I just couldn’t connect with it and it felt like the generic plot for all poems. 

The writing style here was not great either because it was hard to read due to the old English and it really didn’t give me the vibe which would make interested in it.

I give this poem 1 / 5

“Abou Ben Adhem” By Leigh Hunt Review

I gotta be honest and admit that it wasn’t the greatest poem I’ve read. And I also need to admit that it was my first poem written by Leigh Hunt.

The plot was okay but I just couldn’t connect with it and it didn’t really speak out to me. And if you have read some of my reviews than you might know that if I can connect the plot then the rating tends to be low.

The writing style was okay but that’s just from my perspective and I don’t really know how to review poems in a good way.

I give this poem 1 / 5

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” By J.K. Rowling Review

The war against Voldemort is not going well; even Muggle governments are noticing. Ron scans the obituary pages of the Daily Prophet, looking for familiar names. Dumbledore is absent from Hogwarts for long stretches of time, and the Order of the Phoenix has already suffered losses.  As in all wars, life goes on. The Weasley twins expand their business. Sixth-year students learn to Apparate – and lose a few eyebrows in the process. Teenagers flirt and fight and fall in love. Classes are never straightforward, through Harry receives some extraordinary help from the mysterious Half-Blood Prince.

Yet again we are talking about an amazing Harry Potter book. To be hoist I think that’s the best Harry Potter so far. Because the main characters are making a better decisions and are not just the children who can’t make good decisions anymore. Which really annoyed me in the first book.

The characters in this book are just wow. They are so well developed and they feel like really people which I would have no problem being good friends with. The characters in this book really feels much better than in the previous 5 books because we already know so much about them from the past 5 books. 

This book is much darker than the 5 previous books in this series but I’m here for it. Because it makes this series so much fun because it stoped to be this fairy tale like series and it turned in this book to be more like real life story. 

There is a twist at the end of this book which I’m sure everyone knows about but still I won’t say what the twist is in case if there is someone reading this review who haven’t read the books or watched the movies. 

The Death Eaters are more involved in this book which I love because the books should have more about the Death Eaters than they have. Because it makes it more fun. 

The writing style in this book is as amazing as it was in the 5 previous book. The writing style makes it feel like you are seeing the whole story in your head instead of reading it which I always love when it happens. 

The plot itself was probably the best Harry Potter plot so far when it comes to a book for itself instead of looking at it as a whole series. 

We learned more about what Dumbledore been up to and what he really knows about the Voldemort and Harry Potter situation. 

But I still missed seeing more of Slytherin house and seeing more of Snape which I’ve mentioned before in the Harry Potter book review that he is my all time favourite character from the Harry Potter universe. 

I give this book 5 / 5