“Madly, Deeply: The Diaries of Alan Rickman” By Alan Rickman Review

From his breakout role in Die Hard to his outstanding, multifaceted performances in the Harry Potter films, Galaxy Quest, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and more, Alan Rickman cemented his legacy as a world-class actor. His air of dignity, his sonorous voice, and the knowing wit he brought to each role continue to captivate audiences today. But Rickman’s ability to breathe life into projects wasn’t confined to just his performances. As you’ll find, Rickman’s diaries detail the extraordinary and the ordinary, flitting between worldly and witty and gossipy, while remaining utterly candid throughout. He takes us inside his home, on trips with friends across the globe, and on the sets of films and plays ranging from Sense and Sensibility, to Noël Coward’s Private Lives, to the final film he directed, A Little Chaos.

This book took me awhile to finish but I finally finished it.

I enjoyed this book a lot but at the same time I feel like this book shouldn’t have been published. Because this book is of all the diaries Alan Rickman had throughout the years. All his thoughts and choppy notes were for himself and he makes some few brutal comments about things and some actors.

Reading this book felt like taking a look at Alan Rickman’s mind throughout the years and during his cancer battle and years. 

It was amazing to learn what he truly thought about some of his acting projects as Harry Potter movies and Die Hard. 

This book and the diaries in this book gives us an amazing look into a very talented mind and his opinions.

Overall this book was super interesting and enjoyable.

I Give This Book 4 / 5

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