“Titus Andronicus” By William Shakespeare Review

Subsequent generations have struggled with its bold confrontation of violence but in the 20th and 21st centuries the play has chimed with audiences again, perhaps because of its simultaneously shocking and playful approach to violent revenge and bodily mutilation.

This is another pretty okay play written by no other than William Shakespeare. Even thou I personally am not the biggest fans of plays in general.

The plot here was the same kind of gruesome play by William Shakespeare and you sort of can tell that was written him because we don’t get an happy ending here and the plot in general goes pretty dark. 

Overall the plot in this play is a bloody mess. People who enjoy slasher movies will also enjoy this play because there is a lot happening. 

The writing style here was typical William Shakespeare and you can really feel the old time vibe from reading it which really in my opinion adds to the entire plot.

This play also gave me the biggest Pulp fiction of the 1600s vibe which really enjoyed because I love Quentin Tarantino’s movies. And this sort of Pulp fiction vibe made me gives this play some extra points. 

I Give This Sonnet 3 / 5

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