“The Winter’s Tale” By William Shakespeare Review

The jealous King Leontes falsely accuse his wife Hermione of infidelity with his best friend, and she dies. Leontes exiles his newborn daughter Perdita, who is raised by shepherds for sixteen years and falls in love with the son of Leontes’ friend.

The plot in this play is pretty generic William Shakespeare plot about love, battle and the huge tragedy at the end which of course is death. This play has the same problem as the majority of the plays written by William Shakespeare which is that it is poorly presented to us. Which really sucks because it could really be very good.

The plot was so poorly done here that I ended up DNF-ing this play after reading something around 30% of it. The plot pretty much was very boring and uninteresting.

The writing style here was typical William Shakespeare writing with the fun poetic language in it. Which to be honest must have been the best part about this play.

The characters here were very uninteresting and boring but also at the same time very annoying. Most of the characters here felt like the same person dressed as different people. Which really made me hate this play even more because it was very confusing keeping track of who was who in this play. 

I Give Play 1 / 5

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