“Cymbeline” By William Shakespeare Review

King Cymbeline rules over Britain under the protection of Rome. His kingdom must pay tribute. Cymbeline learns that his only daughter, Innogen, has secretly married his ward, Posthumus Leonatus, a man of low birth. Furious with the couple’s disobedience, Cymbeline decides to banish Posthumus from Britain.

The writing style here was typical William Shakespeare writing with the fun poetic language in it. Which to be honest must have been the best part about this play. Which really doesn’t do much for me personally because for me it is overused by William Shakespeare. 

To be honest here the plot of this play is pretty generic William Shakespeare plot about love, battle and the huge tragedy at the end which of course is death.

The plot is almost the same as King Lear. It talks about the same things but this one is a little bit worse than King Lear was. 

For me personally this play felt like an echo of some of his better works which really failed to accomplish what his better works had accomplish. 

All of the characters in this play are pretty much the same person dressed as different people. All of the characters in this play are super annoying and boring which really made it impossible for me to like it.

I Give Play 1 / 5

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