“The Tempest” By William Shakespeare Review

Prospero uses magic to conjure a storm and torment the survivors of a shipwreck, including the King of Naples and Prospero’s treacherous brother, Antonio. Prospero’s slave, Caliban, plots to rid himself of his master, but is thwarted by Prospero’s spirit-servant Ariel.

To be honest this play is another one which didn’t quite get into my taste.

I personally thought that this play was super boring and uninteresting to that point that I DNF-ed it around 50%. 

The plot here is very generic William Shakespeare plot about love, battle and the final tragedy which of course is death. It would be fine if it was presented to us in a different way because I personally found it not in my taste.

The writing style was very William Shakespeare ish with the fun poetic language which I enjoyed the most about this play

I Give Play 1 / 5

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