“Henry VIII” By William Shakespeare Review

It is a story of a ruthless race to power and the desire for an heir. The Duke of Norfolk tells Buckingham of the meeting between Henry VIII and Francis I of France at the Field of the Cloth of Gold. On the instigation of Cardinal Wolsey, Buckingham is arrested for high treason.

This one was pretty typical play by William Shakespeare. Involving royalty, battle and drama.

The plot here is very typical William Shakespeare. There is not much good in it in my opinion but still it was somehow okay read even thou I wasn’t the biggest fan of it but it wasn’t bad neither. 

The entire plot here is pretty much Henry VIII leaving his wife and the church for his lover named Anne Bullen. Which really made me uninterested in a way because its like the generic plot for William Shakespeare.

The writing style here is very typical William Shakespeare writing style. Which means that there is old English, old sayings there and you would know if you read any plans by plays by William Shakespeare.

I personally ended DNF-ing this play just because I became so uninterested and bored of this play that I just couldn’t keep on. But that’s on me because I don’t like plays. 

I Give Play 2 / 5

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