Interview With Artist Liesbeth Johnson-Kampen

Could You Tell Us About Yourself?

My name is Liesbeth Johnson-Kampen, born in a small village in the south of Holland. I am married to an Englishman, we have two adult boys, and a boy and a girl, both now adults, from my husband’s previous marriage, plus a wonderful granddaughter. Meaning, we are one big happy family! I qualified to attend the renowned Maastricht Art Academy as an 18-year-old budding artist. 

Did Your Style Changed Over the Years? (If so, how?)

It became more sophisticated, no doubt. I tend to be a perfectionist in all of my work. Hence, the older I became, the more I concentrated on detail which came naturally. 

What Art Do You Most Identify With?

My work commenced as surrealism which progressed into my interest in nature, with many of my works relating to origins of all life, sustainability, and creating awareness about different aspects of global pollution.

Do You Have Any Favorite Artists or Artwork?

My major inspirations came from Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali, although many other wonderful artists influenced me as well.  

What Do You Most Like / Enjoy Being an Artist?

Total freedom and release while creating my art.

What Art Themes Do You Pursue?

I used to study art literature gaining inspiration from a diversity of artists, however, now I tend to be driven by what I see and feel. Fortunately, we reside in a beautiful countryside environment with forests and hills, and this environment is my major inspiration at the moment. I also love ex-industrial sites which have been ‘recovered’ by nature reclaiming their rightful place.  

What Is the Biggest Challenge Being an Artist?

For me there is no challenge, when I feel the urge to paint, I am lucky to be able to do that. My husband is now retired, and I only work part-time because I enjoy my work with handicapped people.

What Are You Doing to Ensure You Continue to Grow and Develop as An Artist?  

The deteriorating, global, environmental situation is a subject dear to my heart and my recent works depict that. I attempt to achieve awareness through my art in connection with global activist groups and international recycling/upcycling companies involved in such projects. ART + TECHNOLOGY + SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH + ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL FARMING + CORRECT EDUCATION together can “move mountains!” 

How Do You Market Yourself and Your Work?

My husband does most PR work via the internet or contacting international art outlets, galleries, museums, etc.

What Jobs Have You Done Other Than Being an Artist?

Graphic design, Textile Printing (own business), and now aiding handicapped people driving them to their workplace.

What Does Inspire You to Make the Art You Create?

At this moment in time, my natural surroundings, nature, and environmental issues.

How Do You Know When a painting Is Finished?

That comes naturally through the creative mind. However, when I commence painting, there is no beginning or end, it is an ‘open book’. 

What Memorable Responses Have You Had to Your Work? 

People appreciating and observing my work, plus, when art lovers are willing to purchase pieces, which proves they are valuable to the purchaser, that give me great pleasure.

Is there Something You Dislike About the Art World?  

Yes! Artists who create solely for financial benefits! Luckily, most true artists have ethical standards and are ‘over the moon’ when somebody actually purchases their art. 

As An Artist What Is Your Goal to Achieve with Your Art?

To offer art lovers pleasure and pride when they hang my work on their walls. In addition, if my art can create awareness through my environmental interests, and make people stop and think about the gradual destruction of our beautiful planet, that would be wonderful.  

How Do You Define Success as An Artist? How Did You Develop Your Art Skills?

Success, in my opinion, is creating art, not only for myself, but for art lovers who proudly admire my efforts, wish to have my images on their walls, and possess something unique, which they love, that gives me a great feeling. My art skills are seemingly a natural born talent, I never practice, my creative juices just flow.

What’s Integral to The Work of An Artist?

Honesty and belief in their creativity and natural talent.

What Are You Most Proud of To Date?

As an artist it fills me with pride when art lovers stand before my work, are mesmerized, and appreciate my work.

If You Were to Completely Start Over again, What Would You Do Differently?

The only regret I have as an artist is, after qualifying for the renowned Maastricht Art Academy, I could not complete my stipendium there and I will never know if it would have benefited my work.  However, the love and support from my husband and family compensate for that. I would still love to attend the academy once again just to be in such a fantastic, Bohemian atmosphere for a short period!  

How Do You Balance Your Time Between Working on Your Next Projects and Your Other Commitments Such as Family, Friends, etc?

Fortunately, I have time and space, no problem.

What Exhibitions Have You Done?

I have exhibited in twice in Holland, three times in Germany, twice in the UK. The most successful was in a huge German bank in Essen where many of my paintings were sold and businesspeople who attended the exhibition, hosted by the directors of the bank, loved the exhibition and I received much appreciation. I was invited to exhibit in London, Nice, and Amsterdam, but sadly through covid, the exhibitions were called off.

Do You Have Any New Exhibitions Coming Up? (If So Where and When)

No, at this moment in time there is nothing in the ‘pipeline’ so I will just continue to paint. My last exhibition was in summer 2022 in the Town Hall of Wittlich, Germany.      

 How Do You Usually Prepare for An Upcoming Exhibition?

Nothing special, only the location counts and what specifically is of interest to the host, i.e., environmental issues, surreal images, or a diverse public of general art lovers. 

Organizations and Groups. What Made That Happen? And How Do You Deal with That? Have You Gotten Some Experience from that?

My husband takes care of my PR and through his endeavors showing my paintings on social-media sites, Twitter, Linkedin, less on Facebook, and reaching out to global activist groups all over the planet, the response has been quite remarkable. 

For example, this United Nations Environmental Department immediately showed interest in my work and spread the work on Twitter. Greenpeace UK also has shown much interest in my images which appear on social media. There are several Global Activist Groups from India, Africa, including this group: Somali Environmental Protection agency (SEPA)

Plus, many other groups. We have also entered a joint-venture with a superb upcycling Indian company who produce textiles, accessories, etc. Purely from upcycled, discarded materials called Rimagined: The aim is to print or embroider my images on clothing, textiles, and other wonderful products they produce.

I hope in the future to offer my work to such groups aiding them to reach out and create awareness, especially for younger generations who can relate back to my art.

Do Your Works Comment on Contemporary Social or Political Issues. If so, how?

If depicting the gradual destruction of our planet is social or political, through my art, then that is a statement I wish to convey.

What Are the Most Common Mistakes for People Who Are Starting Their Artist Journey in Your Opinion?

A ‘reality check’ because there are thousands and thousands of fabulous artists out there and reaching a wider public requires years and years of creativity plus, very much luck!

Do You Have Any Advice to People Who Want to Become Artists?

One must always believe in one’s own creativity and talent and just keep on creating no matter what! Forget dreams about becoming famous or having your work hanging on the walls of top galleries and museums, just keep working, creating and being an artist, if you can!

Do You Do Some Kind of Research Before Starting Your Next Art Job? 

No, normally my fantasy and creativity kick in. I normally do not like painting other people’s ideas unless they are convinced and love the project they are proposing.Moreover, I must feel it! 

What Memorable Responses Have You Had to Your Work? 

Many, but one stands out! At one exhibition in the UK, Halifax, an art lover approached my work, studied a particular piece, went to the bank along the road, and returned, without asking, with the price required on show. I asked him, “did you not think about the price, or even ask me about the painting?” He answered, “there was no need, I just fell in love with it! Love at first sight!”  His name, Anthony May, a genuine art collector and lover.

When And How Did You Find Out That You Wanted to Be an Artist?   

As a small child in Holland my desire to draw and paint commenced. Through my school years that talent progressed, and my burning ambition to become an artist was always supported by my parents, my teachers, and my peers in my class! A couple were immensely talented, and we helped each other achieve our goals.  

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