“Henry VI Part I” By William Shakespeare Review

A boy king, Henry VI, is on the English throne, and the indomitable Talbot leads the English cause in France. Joan La Pucelle (Joan of Arc), who becomes captain of the French, claims to be chosen by the Virgin Mary to liberate France. The English, however, consider her a sensual witch.

I gotta say that I was disappointed in this play because I was expecting something more than death and speeches which this play is full of. 

This play start at the funeral of Henry V which to me felt like it started mid-story which really confused me. 

I feel like this play would have been soo much better if Jean of Arc was the main character in this play because he was easily the most interesting character in this entire play and of course he is seen as the tragic heroine character. 

There are many good characters but they really didn’t made me like them or made me care for them. I appreciate very character in this play but to be fully honest here I didn’t care for me at all.

This play is mostly exposition and battles and preparations for what’s to come which really made it to a torture to read for me. 

The writing style was pretty good, I’m still pretty fresh to William Shakespeare so I can’t compare it to some of his other works but it was good enough I assume. 

For me personally it was pretty boring and it was too many of names to follow and it makes even harder that I’m not familiar with the British royal family from hundreds of years ago. 

I Give This Play 2 / 5

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