“Grzesznik” By Artur Urbanowicz Review

Marek Suchocki “Suchy”, the boss of the Suwałki underworld, learns that his most dangerous competitor is leaving prison. Without waiting for further developments, he and his faithful people decide to face him once and for all. The settlements end tragically – Marek falls down the stairs and suffers a strong concussion. When he regains consciousness after a week’s coma, it turns out that his group has been shattered and all the money earned through years of criminal activity is gone. His opponent, through his brutal and uncompromising achievements, once baptized as a Sinner by the media, makes himself known as a brilliant, incredibly intelligent psychopath who knows no mercy. He confronts Dry with a choice – he will either give in, or he will be taken from everything he has ever enjoyed. To make matters worse, Mark’s terrifying new abilities are revealed shortly after the accident

Another amazing book from the polish author Artur Urbanowicz. This was my third book written by Artur Urbanowicz and so far it was probably my second favourite but also it makes me realise that Artur Urbanowicz is criminal underrated. 

After reading this book I need to say that Artur Urbanowicz have surprised me with this book in a good way of course. Because it really felt like a masterpiece.

The description of this book is very misleading I need to say after reading this book because it really have taken a entire new turn after like 2/3 part of this book. Because this book started with a typical mob leader theme but then after like the 2 / 3 this book have taken an entire new turn to a different theme which I can’t revile because it will classify as a spoiler.

The plot of this book was very interesting and super enjoyable because it sort of was a typical mob plot but then it started to take more and more different turn which I really enjoyed. 

The writing style was amazing. The writing style felt like it was written by Stephen King and not like an author who only have written like 5 full books at this point. What Im trying to say is that it feels like it was written by someone who have bigger experience rather than just 5 books.

The ending have had an okay twist there, of course it could have been better but I can’t complain because it was good enough. But the really the ending made me give this book 1 star less than I intended to give it originally. Because it sort of killed of the eerie mood which this book was building up since the beginning which really disappointed me. 

I Give This Book 4 / 5

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