“Timon of Athens” By William Shakespeare Review

Wealthy and popular, Timon of Athens helps his friends, gives many gifts, and holds a feast. After ignoring his true friends’ warnings, Timon runs out of money, and none of his “friends” will help him. He runs away to a cave where he curses humanity, finds gold, funds someone to destroy Athens, and dies.

This play is very poorly constructed because it is all over the place and sometimes it feel like the play missed couple of pages because it felt not quite complete. 

The plot of this play is very boring and it was a pure torture for me while I was reading this one. I ended up DNF-ing this one after having read like 40 ish % of it just because I couldn’t take it anymore.

The plot in this play was generic William Shakespeare plot about love, battle and the huge tragedy at the end which of course is death.

The characters here are very boring and I just couldn’t keep track of who was who in this play. Because every characters just felt like the same person to me which really made it hard for me to like it. But this tends to be the biggest problem for me with plays written by William Shakespeare.

The writing style here was typical William Shakespeare writing with the fun poetic language in it. Which to be honest must have been the best part about this play. 

I Give Play 1 / 5

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