“The Rape of Lucrece” By William Shakespeare Review

This is a narrative poem focusing on the rape and tragic death of the title character and on the desire for revenge that follows. The work has been subcategorized as a complaint poem, a work in which the main character laments or bemoans his or her unfair fate or injustice.

This play by William Shakespeare surprised me in a good way because I was expecting something which wouldn’t work for me. But this play was actually okay in my opinion.

I personally don’t like plays and I am not a fan of watching nor reading plays but this one was actually fun to read. 

The characters in this play were okay but to be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of them. There weren’t annoying I just personally didn’t care for them but they were tolerable so I gave this play points for that. 

The plot here was somehow darker than the rest of William Shakespeare’s plays but in a good way. Because in my opinion it suited William Shakespeare much better in a way. This play for the most part is about rape and tragic death which are very sad topics but I really liked.

The narrative is very self-absorbed and melodramatic which annoyed me at times. To be honest this play would have been much better if these two were removed from this play. 

The writing style here was okay. The writing style here was very typical William Shakespeare writing style which I personally never came to appreciate. 

I Give Play 3 / 5

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