“The Reigate Puzzle” By Arthur Conan Doyle Review

John Watson, as we all know, is a doctor of medicine. In the spring of 1887, he prescribes rest and relaxation for Sherlock Holmes after a strenuous case on the continent. Watson had actually gone to Lyons, France to minister to him. It’s the habit of Holmes to forgo sleep when involved in an important case, and it caught up to him.

To be fully honest here the plot in this one was very weak, but it was still somehow enjoyable but not so interesting as some other stories about Sherlock Holmes in my humble opinion. 

The characters here are okay but when it comes to Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson they are an amazing due and I loved they both because they have something in them which makes us relate to them.

The writing style here was okay but I think that sir Arthur Conan Doyle could have done better in this book.

I Give This Book 1 / 5

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