“The Yellow Face” By Arthur Conan Doyle Review

In “The Yellow Face,” Grant Munro thinks his wife is being blackmailed. He’s distraught and hires Sherlock Holmes to find out the details. He tells the story to Holmes and Watson of a strange apparition at a nearby cottage recently rented, of his wife’s visit to the cottage at 3 in the morning when she thought he was asleep, and her recent break in amiable behaviour. Holmes ponders and then states that he believes he has the answer. Yet, in Watson’s summary of the case, he indicates that it was a failure. What did you say?

The plot in this one is been what I’ve been waiting for in a Sherlock Holmes story. The plot his is a complete masterpiece. And a part of me wish that it would have been longer so that I would enjoy this story longer.

This one is very interesting, enjoyable and entreating which a Sherlock Holmes should be like. 

The characters here are okay but when it comes to Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson they are an amazing due and I loved they both because they have something in them which makes us relate to them.

The writing style here was okay but I think that sir Arthur Conan Doyle could have done better in this book.

I Give This Book 5 / 5

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