“The Naval Treaty” By Arthur Conan Doyle Review

Italy and the United Kingdom have just signed a naval treaty and France and Russia will pay anything to know the latest British naval plans, some of which must be contained therein. While it is being copied at the Foreign Office, an audacious thief acts. The disgraced official, in whose care the original was trusted, loses his mind and then, months later, calls in Sherlock Holmes because the treaty, surprisingly, is still secret. Can the famous detective save the day?

To be fully honest here this story was a little bit weak but let me explain why I say so. 

The plot here was a little bit off and weak in my opinion. It for sure wasn’t one of the best Sherlock Holmes stories but it still bring joy and entertaining while reading it. But after reading it and thinking about this story I gotta say that it could have been better than it actually was.

The characters here are okay but when it comes to Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson they are an amazing due and I loved they both because they have something in them which makes us relate to them.

The writing style here was okay but I think that sir Arthur Conan Doyle could have done better in this book.

I Give This Book 2 / 5

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