“A Study in Scarlet” By Arthur Conan Doyle Review

Our first meeting with Sherlock Holmes. And John Watson’s too! The young doctor is astonished by Holmes’ many idiosyncrasies, including his talents on the violin. But it’s not long before Sherlock Holmes, with Watson in tow, is working with Scotland Yard investigating the murder of two Americans whose deaths have some mysterious connection to sinister groups gathering power in both Britain and America.

So this one was the first time ever I read Sherlock Holmes I can’t believe I waited 20 years to read it. It should be a crime to wait so long. Because Sherlock Holmes is the godfather to the deceptive genre which we see now.

The plot here was meh to be fully honest here. It was okay but it wasn’t a mind fuck as I wanted it to be. The plot will give you an enjoyable time reading it and it doesn’t need a lot of brain power because we get the mystery all laid out easily at the end.

The characters here are okay but when it comes to Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson they are an amazing due and I loved they both because they have something in them which makes us relate to them.

The writing style here was okay but I think that sir Arthur Conan Doyle could have done better in this book. 

I Give This Book 3 / 5

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