“Through a Glass, Darkly” By Donna Leon Review

It is a luminous spring day in Venice, as Commissario Brunetti and Inspettore Vianello come to the rescue of Vianello’s friend Marco Ribetti, who has been arrested while protesting against chemical pollution of the Venetian lagoon, only to be faced by the fury of Marco’s father-in-law, owner of a glass factory on the island of Murano.

This book is the 15th book in the Commissario Brunetti Series which is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine because every book in this series is a 2 star book but I still love the series and Ill continue to read it as long as Donna Leon will continue to write to new books to this series. 

The characters in this book are pretty basic and to be honest I don’t care for any of the side characters other than the family of the main character. The reason behind this is because every character here seems so boring and it is hard to tell characters apart. In a way every character in this book feels like they were just meant to fill up the space in a way.

Character Development in this whole series doesn’t in a way. Because if you compare this book with the first book in this series then the main character and every other character in this book is just the same.

The writing style in this book is pretty basic and feels like it was written more for teens rather than for adults. It feels like that because of the very easy language used in it.

This book is good when you want to shut down your brain completely after a long day. Because this book doesn’t need any brain power and the less brain power you use on this book the more you will enjoy it. 

The crime in this book didn’t happen until the second half of this book and to be fully honest the entire crime mystery part of this book had just like 10 pages and the rest of this book was just about the main characters’s side job.

This book has no thrill or suspense and it is so fucking slow. But for whatever reason I still had fun with this book and I’ve enjoyed it.

There is no twist at the end because we sort of see what will happen at the end like 50 pages before the ending. Which pretty much kills the twist at the end. But also the ending just leaves us with a cliff-hanger which annoyed me in a way. 

I Give This Book 2 / 5

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