“Henry IV, Part II” By William Shakespeare Review

Henry IV Part II is about the burden of power, old age and atonement for the past as King Henry dies and Prince Hal accepts the crown. The play begins in the aftermath of the battle in Shrewsbury.

This play is the second part of the Henry 4th play by William Shakespeare. And to be honest I didn’t like it even more than part 1. And of course I DNF-ed this one as well as the first part of this play.

Reading this play really was a torture for me just as the part one of this play. Because it was even worse than the first part with even more confusing plot and the same characters becoming more annoying than in the first part. 

This second part was incredibly dull and it just lacked good plot and good characters. This play is 2 times more painful than the first part of this play. 

I truly didn’t care about the plot nor about the characters here. So of course I just can’t give this play a good feedback. 

I Give Play 1 / 5

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