“A Dance with Dragons” By George R.R. Martin Review

In the aftermath of a colossal battle, the future of the Seven Kingdoms hangs in the balance—beset by newly emerging threats from every direction. In the east, Daenerys Targaryen, the last scion of House Targaryen, rules with her three dragons as queen of a city built on dust and death. But Daenerys has thousands of enemies, and many have set out to find her. As they gather, one young man embarks upon his own quest for the queen, with an entirely different goal in mind.

The fifth book in the “A song of ice and fire” series done and the time to wait for more books in this series have began for me as well. 

This book gotta be the weakest book in the “A song of ice and fire” series so far. Because it has all the characters I less care about. I love Tyrion but we don’t get much from him in this book. And even thou I am team Targaryen I hate Daenerys there is something about her which always made me dislike her.

The plot in this book is okay but I have had big expectations for this book as for the previous books in this series which this book didn’t live up to. The plot in this book was less engaging than in the previous books in this series, and there were couple of chapters which felt like they were written just to make this book longer. Of course this book have had some very good moments but also it have had some bad moments which were on the edge of annoying me in a way. 

The main reason why I’m so big “A song of ice and fire” fan is because the politics in the series and this book had more drama in it than politics which is okay but it could have been better if there were more politics in it. 

Another thing which annoyed me here is that we get a lots of Daenerys but only like 15 pages about dragons which are pretty much at the very end. Daenerys is a Targaryen and Targaryens have dope dragons and are the best fucking house in this series. Targaryens have something for me which makes them the number 1, but Daenerys doesn’t live up to it. She feels like a kid who tries to be a queen but has no idea what she is doing which makes me hate her as a stand alone character and this book gives more of this aspect of Daenerys which I hate as you already know. 

The characters here felt less fun, engaging and interesting in this book than in the previous 4 books in this series which was the main reason why I rated this book so low when you compare it with the rest of the books in this series. The characters in this book gave me the feeling that George R.R Martin stoped caring about them and that he just wanted to write this book to cash in a little bit. 

However I loved that we got more of the Many-Faced God which is one of my favourite things in the “A song of ice and fire” series. To be honest the Many-Faced God and the temple of Many-Faced God was he best thing about this book for me. And it was the main reason why I continued to read this book to the end despite the fact that there were a lots of things which I didn’t like about this book.

The writing style here was very good. It was on the level with the rest of the books in this series which I appreciated probably the most. 

I give this book 5 / 5 

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