“King Richard II” By William Shakespeare Review

King Richard II banishes Henry Bolingbroke, seizes noble land, and uses the money to fund wars. Henry returns to England to reclaim his land, gathers an army of those opposed to Richard, and deposes him. Now as Henry IV, Henry imprisons Richard, and Richard is murdered in prison.

This play was another one which didn’t work for me. It might be me not liking plays at all or just not caring for the historical fiction about royals.

Reading this play was really a huge torture for me personally just because it was so boring. I didn’t know what was happening in this play during reading it and after finishing reading it because it was so confusing and really I just couldn’t focus on this play because it was torture reading it.

The plot in this play is very slow, boring and the plot us pretty much over by the end of act III which means that William Shakespeare didn’t do a good job on this play to be fully honest here. 

The characters here are very boring as well. For the most all of the characters here are very annoying and I just wanted for them all to die a terrible death just because they were getting on my nerves all the time. 

I Give Play 1 / 5

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