“Death and Judgment” By Donna Leon Review

Detective Guido Brunetti is submerged in the seedy Venetian underworld as he tries to crack a prostitution ring run by wealthy and powerful citizens

I gotta say that I enjoy this series so far but to be honest it isn’t the best mystery series. 

The plot here was okay but of course it wasn’t the mind blower. The plot in this book is okay for the most part and it is good when you want to read a mystery book but also want to turn off your brain for a while. The plot of this book is easy and you don’t need brain power to enjoy this book.

The writing style was pretty basic here and it felt like it was meant for a high school student. But I don’t mind that because it was on the level with the plot which is the opposite of heavy and super highly planed with details of the crimes and twists at the end. 

The ending is okay for the most part but it was satisfying but of course it doesn’t have an happy ending of a murder case being solved. Which Ive enjoyed because again it was on the level with the rest of this book. 

The twist here was kind of obvious here. It was obvious who the killer was when the main character have meet her the first time in this book. Which really the twist at the end didn’t exist and killed itself in a way.

The characters here were very weak but the main character is so simple that it makes him to a likeable character. To be honest I don’t care about the side characters in this book because they have nothing unique about them which makes them worth remembering but the main character is like the only thing which makes me coming back to the “Commissar Guido Brunetti” series. 

I give this book 2 / 5

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