“King John” By William Shakespeare Review

King John goes to war against the French after claims that his nephew should be king instead. John has conflict with the church, orders his nephew’s death, and turns the nobles against himself. In the end, John dies from poison, the French retreat, and his son becomes King.

To be fully honest here I think that historical fiction as a genre doesn’t work for plays because it is another play by William Shakespeare which didn’t work for me. Of course it might be just be being very picky and nothing liking watching or reading plays. 

The plot here was very boring and very uninteresting because this whole play was a torture to read. The entire plot here was very flat and to be honest here I didn’t care for it. 

The writing style was very weak and very uninteresting as a whole especially if you mix it with bad plot. 

The characters here are also very flat and so annoying. 

I Give Play 1 / 5

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