“A Life to Kill” By M.R. Hall Review

The garrison town of Highcliff is on tenterhooks waiting for the return of the last British soldiers from war-torn Helmand. Meanwhile, as one of the last remaining platoons prepare to leave its isolated post for the final time, 19-year-old Private Pete Lyons is taken hostage during the night. A patrol sent to rescue him finds itself in a bloody and disastrous fire-fight.

This book is easily the worst mystery book I’ve read so far. And I gotta say as well that I ended up DNF-ing this book because it was pure torture trying to read this book.

The plot of this book was really weak and it didn’t feel like a mystery book but rather as a tragedy book. Because every chapter was from someone else’s perspective and every single chapter had million bad things happening in it. Which really pissed me off because it totally drained my energy.

The plot was really weak and not engaging at all. It just felt like the author wanted to write something to get some money from the sell of it and nothing more than that.

The writing style was pretty good but of course the plot of it made it hundred times worse and the writing style just couldn’t make it better because there were so many things bad with this book. 

The characters in this book were super bad as well and it felt like the author just didn’t bother to make characters which the readers would care about. All of the characters in this book were like “this character is named so and so and lets move on to the other characters because this character doesn’t have anything special with it and the character is just the same as the rest of the characters in this book”.

I give this book 1 / 5

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