“The Way up to Heaven” By Roald Dahl Review

Mrs Foster has recently begun to suspect her husband of purposely exacerbating her pathological fear of missing a train or plane. She is continuously badgered by her husband, Eugene, who makes a habit of waiting until the last minute to leave the house.

This short story by Roald Dahl was okay for the most part it wasn’t the greatest thing written by him nor was it the worst thing written by him. This short story is really a dark and morbid tale.

The plot in this short story wasn’t the most entertaining and interesting but it was enjoyable for the most part there were couple of moments while reading this one where I wanted to DNF this short story because it began so boring and uninteresting .

The characters in this short story were okay for the most part. It didn’t dislike them but I also didn’t like them. I didn’t care about them at all so I didn’t bother to have any specific thoughts about them.  But the main character really made it impossible for me to even try liking her because she submissive to everything and she allowed everyone especially her husband treat her very cruelly.

The ending here was really the biggest problem for me with this short story because it really ruined it for me. 

I Give Story 3 / 5

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