“Sonnet 18” By William Shakespeare Review

This sonnet was pretty good but still this sonnet didn’t score the full score because there was something missing in this sonnet. 

To be full honest here this is the only sonnet written by William Shakespeare I almost became obsessed with because there it had something in it even thou it isn’t a 5 star read in my opinion.

However the main thing which annoyed me with this sonnet was the fact that this sonnet fits in the context of the narrator urging the young people now on days who does not want kids to suck it up and have kids just for the sake of sharing their fine looks with all of humanity. Which really annoyed me a lot.

This sonnet was super interesting and enjoyable as well, but still it didn’t speak to me so much as I wished it would. 

The writing style here was pretty okay but I was expecting something more from William Shakespeare.

I Give This Sonnet 3 / 5 

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