“Gałęziste” By Artur Urbanowicz Review

Don’t believe anything you see or hear. There is a house where you don’t want to spend the night. For some reason, the darkness in it is different. Even more sinister than anywhere else. There is a lake where the undead live. Their advantage over you is simple – they don’t need to take a breath. There is a demon that you wish you didn’t know existed. An immaterial personification of evil that cannot be escaped. There is a place where this house is located. A place in the heart of which this lake is also hidden, and where this demon has always been. It’s a forest. A forest in which you would not want to get lost for anything in the world. Once you enter it, it won’t let you leave.

To be fair here I didn’t have any exceptions for this book. Which really made me enjoy this book more. All I knew about this book was that it had a cool cover and that it was written by an author which work I’ve read once before and I completely loved the book.

The plot in this book was just wow. It was amazing, it was like a regular horror story taking place in the woods but it had a very unique new perspective to it which I truly loved. And that it takes place in Poland makes it even more fun for someone like me who is from Poland. But there were times where the plot was too predictable which didn’t go well with me.

The writing style could have been better, which brought the atmosphere in this book down. Which really sucks because if the writing was better then this book would have been a banger. 

The most annoying thing with this book is that it was so slow, and true action didn’t really happen until the second half of this book. It really annoyed me because the first half was many times so boring and it was nothing but drama between the 2 main characters.

The characters were okay here. I don’t like them at all. The main characters really annoyed me because there were making so stupid choices some times. And I couldn’t really relate to them, because the main female character was to hardcore religions and the main male character was acting like a child for 90% of this book. But there were few times were I could relate to them. The 2 main characters are adults but in the fist half of this book were acting like teenagers who are in relationship but don’t want to break up because they have been together for couple of years. 

The ending had some good twists there. Which I truly loved in this book. But the main twist at the end was so god damn an obvious that even a child could have seen it coming. 

After all it was an okay read but nothing too extraordinary. There were couple of things which didn’t work for me and there were couple of things which I enjoyed a lot. 

I give this book 3 / 5

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