“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” By J.K. Rowling Review

There is a door at the end of a silent corridor. And it’s haunting Harry Pottter’s dreams. Why else would he be waking in the middle of the night, screaming in terror? Harry has a lot on his mind for this, his fifth year at Hogwarts: a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher with a personality like poisoned honey; a big surprise on the Gryffindor Quidditch team; and the looming terror of the Ordinary Wizarding Level exams. But all these things pale next to the growing threat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named – a threat that neither the magical government nor the authorities at Hogwarts can stop.

Just wow, this book as the entire series is so fucking good that I don’t have words to describe it.

However there is one thing which annoyed me with this book. And that thing is that the main action was left for the last 100 pages of this book and this book is over 800 pages long. And these first 700 pages are mostly about Dolores Umbridge drama and about Harry constantly talking about how he is not involved in anything. Which really annoyed me a lot because who in the right mind would let a 15 year old battle one of the greatest wizards of all time ? Because at the age of 15 you barely know anything at all. 

The writing style here was fucking good. The writing style felt more like a tale told over a fire at a summer camp rather than a 800 + pages book. I truly love when this happens and that’s why mum giving this book extra points for that. 

The characters in my opinion are getting better and better. Because they get more depth in them, they get more unique characters. And in this book we get more interesting characters in this series like Bellatrix Lestrange. The characters in this series feels like real human beings which Im the biggest fan of when it happens in books. 

The fact that we learned more about Professor Snape and about Lily and James Potter really makes this book better and more interesting. Because Snape, Lily and James are these characters in the series which deserve more space than they actually get so far at least. And of course Snape is my favourite character in the whole series makes it even more fun to learn more about his origin story. 

The plot itself here feels for the most part not that interesting as the ending. This is because of what I’ve mentioned before that these first 700 pages are mostly about Dolores Umbridge drama and about Harry constantly talking about how he is not involved in anything.

However the ending is just fucking brilliant and it is the reason why I’ve decided to give this book 5 out of 5 because it was so fucking good. It was so good that it made me forgive it for the death of one of my favourite characters in the series. If you know, you know who im talking about. I won’t say who it is just to not spoil the book for people who haven’t read lot yet but still want to enjoy the book without ay spoilers before they get into it. 

We also learn at the end of the book why Harry needs to go to Dursley’s every summer gives you more insights into how great this whole series actually is. 

I gotta say that I wish to see more of the Slytherins in the next 2 books in this series because I feel like we could have more of them. By the way we are talking about book 5 in the series so I think it’s time to revel which house I would want to belong to because no one can talk about Harry Potter without mentioning this fact. So the house which I would have want to be in is of course Slytherin. 

I give this book 5 / 5

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