“Breaking Dawn” By Stephenie Meyer Review

Bella and Edward Cullen get married, leaving behind a heartbroken Jacob. When Bella faces unexpected and life-threatening situations, she willingly risks her human life and possible vampire immortality.

I gotta say that this book was the best book in the twilight series so far. I still got two books to read in this series. And these two books are “Life and Death” and “Midnight Sun”. But so far this was the best book in the series so far at least and im giving this book extra points for that.

However I need to say that I have had less fun with this book than I’ve had with the first book in this series. Because I’m not team Jacob and pregnancy kind of disgust me.

There are some moments in this books which don’t make any sense like Edward having sex with Bella when Bella is still a human and Edward is basically the killing machine which can kill her at any second. Another thing is the pregnancy to Bella. She becomes pregnant and gives birth in less than 3 weeks. I gotta say that, that was the fastest pregnancy in the history of everything. There were more things but these two are the main things which made no sense to me.

The writing style feels like it had run down the hill since the first book in this series, because the writing style in this book was kind of bad but the writing style in the first book was amazing. 

The plot was okay, and for the most part it is what you can expect from twilight and teen book about love and vampires. 

The fact that Jacob and Edward in this book are starting to have a little bromance after 3 books of being in a war with each other also didn’t make much sense to me. But I guess that in young adult books nothing has too make sense as long as there is werewolves, vampires, a shy main character with not much friends and a small town.

I give this book 3 / 5

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