“The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” By Stephenie Meyer Review

Exploration of the life of newborn vampire Bree Tanner, who briefly appears in the novel Eclipse as a member of Victoria’s vampire army. Bree is a teenage girl who is changed into a vampire by Victoria. Bree lives with a coven of twenty other newborns and Riley, Victoria’s subordinate.

So I gotta say here that this book was so much better than the first twilight book. This one was my second twilight book so I can’t really compare it to other books in the series. But that gonna change that soon enough, I hope at least. 

The things which pissed me off with the first twilight book didn’t exist here because it wasn’t about Edward and Bella. They were in this book but they were more like side characters which I enjoyed. Bree, the main character was younger than Bella in the first book but she was more likeable, she made better decisions. If Bella was even somehow similar to Bree then the whole main plot would have been so much better.  

This book provides us with a new and unique look into the book series which I truly enjoyed and Stephenie Meyer should write more book in this series which are from perspectives of more side characters like Jasper’s perspective, Jacob’s perspective, Esme’s perspective, Carlisle’ perspective and so on. Doing this would add a lot to this whole universe. 

The writing style was okay, but not much to talk about here. It for the most part was a typical YA book writing style which you know isn’t too deep or too hard. The language is very simple which really speaks that it is a YA book.

The plot itself was very good, it was so much better than the first twilight book. Because it had much more into it. It was short and it didn’t drag for so long as it did with the first book.

The characters here didn’t make so many decisions which pissed me off like they did in the first book in this series. Im really grateful for that because it shows that Stephenie Meyer can great good characters. 

I kind of wished that this book would have been longer than it was. And that this book had more descriptions to it and that it would start at the moment when Bree become a vampire so that we would be more familiar with her and get to know here better.

The ending here was good because it ended in the battlefield between the two covens on the open field in the forest. And I kind of liked that because you wasn’t left with nothing to connect the book to. 

I give this book 4 / 5

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