“Sleepless” By Lou Morgan Review

Young, rich and good-looking, Izzy and her friends lead seemingly perfect lives. But exams are looming and at a school like Clerkenwell, failure is not an option. Luckily, Tigs has a solution. A small pill that will make revision a breeze and help them get the results they need. Desperate to succeed, the group begin taking the study drug. It doesn’t take long before they realize there are far worse things than failing a few exams.

I gotta be honest with you here, this book is the first YA book which I truly enjoyed. Which is pretty weird when it comes to me because I never liked YA books or anything close to it. I didn’t give this book the highest possible rating because there were couple of things which didn’t go well with me but overall it was an interesting and enjoyable read. 

I can summarise this whole book in 5 words which are = 1) teens. 2) studying. 3) drugs. 4) murder. 5) horror. And that’s pretty much the entire book. It wasn’t the most advanced book ever because after all it is a YA book but it was surprisingly good and enjoyable. And it had couple of moments where it was keeping you on the complete edge of your chair and waiting on what will happen next. 

However the ending here is completely awful. It really ruined everything which the author was trying to with this whole book. The ending here is the definition on a terrible ending and what you as an author should never do. 

The writing style here was okay, it was very far from good but it was on the level with the rest of the book. In which case I won’t take any points away from this book because it didn’t ruin anything.

The plot itself wasn’t that good however so far at least I didn’t read anything similar to this before and maybe that’s why I did enjoy it so much.

The beginning was pretty slow but after it got started it had no intentions of stopping which I really don’t mind. Because I prefer when things go faster than slower. 

This book had some creepy parts which I enjoyed and I think you will too. But don’t expect anything from this book because after all it is just a YA book which doesn’t mean that much in the end other than just giving us an entertaining read. 

I give this book 3 / 5

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