Where to Invest

There are a lots of things you could start with but today we will talk about the best options out there.

Mutual Funds

We are starting the list with Mutual Funds of course, because it is the easiest and it had the least risk amount to it.

The good thing with mutual fund are that you can buy them directly from a mutual fund company like Dimensional Funds. Which i highly recommend. 

Brokerage Account

This one is about you buying to buy individual stocks, which is my favourite if you ask me. 

Buying individual stocks gives you more control over your investments. Which I’m bug fan of. 


ETFs can be purchased simple from Wealthfront and Personal Capital.


IRAs can a be purchased simple from Betterment. Betterment is fun because it offers us different times of IRAs.

Real Estate

Real Estate an amazing passive investment which will only grow with value as the properties get more and more expensive. 

You Can Find My Investing Portfolio Here

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