How Much To Invest

Newbies in the investing world at least once asks this question, and I understand that because I was there too, few years ago. But let’s get into answering this question so that you can start investing as soon as you can. 

The more or less correct answer to this question is, as much as you can. Just like many things in the filed of investing and personal finance there isn’t a definitive answer.

However don’t freak out yet because there are some rules together with some tools which may help you to find the correct answer for you.

Some of the most important rules is called “A rule of thumb”. And this rule is about the minimum you should invest is 10% of your net income. Here i mean net income after tax . I personally feel like 10% is a little bit too low  but it is good when you are just starting out, but after sometime i would recommend to increase it to 30% or 35%. But how much you want to invest in is up to you.

You Can Find My Investing Portfolio Here

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